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The final trail plan is starting to take shape.

Green = Bike/Hike
Orange = Hike/Horse
Blue = Hike/Bike/Horse
Yellow is hiking only
White= trails not built yet

North End of the Park

Middle of the Park

South End (Not built yet): 

We are getting close to the end of the machine built trails.  Please come out for volunteer days, as we have a lot of work to do to finish the whole trail system.


The blue trail climbing Mann Hill at the southern end, that on this map is along the powerline ROW and between Big Fire S and the unbuilt technical downhill, is that the trail that currently exists along the ROW?

I have not put that trail on MTBProject yet because on the maps you've sent me, it looks different from what shows up on the satellite imagery.  It looks like what is on the ground now will maybe be closed and the uphill trail shifted west to the treeline to accommodate the technical downhill.

Hopefully this week we'll be able to talk a little bit more about some of the trail that's currently on the ground and how it fits into the plan for the future.  I have been on the conservative side of mapping trails out there because there's a mix of old stuff and new stuff.

You are correct the current power line climb will be pulled into the woods to make room for the down hill. 

It is a work in progress, but we are getting close to seeing the final product. 



Do you know the approximate distance of the trail currently being put in (out to and around Hidden/Cottonwood Lake)?  A similar question would be, once ALL are completed, what is the total distance of all trails combined?

The latter question may be a bit tougher since I know some trails (Mann Hill climbs, for example) overlap in a few areas.

It's a HUGE addition to what used to be out there with just Lenape and is very much appreciated!  I know I'll continue assisting with trail work/building as often as possible to show my appreciation and I expect many others will as well.  Eagle Creek won't be able to say no much longer when they see the great benefit SWW has gained through HMBA/IMBA involvement!   :)

Is there a place that has a detailed, labeled map with names? I keep hearing names for different sections, but new here so I still don't know which parts are which.

Also, being colorblind doesn't help understand the maps posted here...or the signs out on the trails. Is there a detail anywhere of where I'm specifically not supposed to be?


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