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Phase 3: Limekiln Connector and Weedpatch

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The Limekiln Connector and Weedpatch will greatly improve connectivity throughout the trail system. 

Currently beginner and intermediate riders either need to take the road or ride the expert level Walnut to connect to Limekiln. And HP is the only trail up and down between the North and South trails. 

The Limekiln Connector will allow riders to connect Limekiln to the rest of the trails, by crossing the road and heading North.  It will connect to Weedpatch which will run along the upper part of the Ridges and connect Aynes to HP. 

These trails will be intermediate level trails and could be hand or machine built.  Cost to Hand Build would be $20k due to some of the drainages required to cross.  The trails could be machine built at an estimated cost of $75k.  Hand build trails would be similar to HP or North Tower, and machine built would be similar to Limekiln.

Steve King:

Thank you to Salesforce, and specifically Brad Wetnight, for organizing this corporate volunteer day on Weedpatch at Brown County State Park. We had 16 people out in two groups and everyone worked so hard it was a handful to keep them busy.

Steve King:
Big thank you to SalesForce and HMBA volunteers for two days of work!  We got the Weedpatch bridge complete!


Steve King:

Some pictures from the dedication of the Weed Patch Trail.

From the Department of Nature Resources.

We were glad to dedicate the Weed Patch Trail today, which provides an additional 2.4 miles of riding for mountain bikers and walking for hikers at Brown County State Park. Thanks to the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association for their leadership in completing this trail.

HMBA board members joined DNR staff and members of the community today to officially dedicate the new 'Weed patch' trail at Brown County State Park. State Parks Director Dan Bortner was very complimentary of HMBA's contributions and continuing relationship with IDNR in his remarks. Thank you Dan!

Everything at BCSP is coming around nicely. As you can see the Weedpatch trail is different than designed, whats the future of BCSP? Is HP East and HP Bowl gonna happen?  Is it a plan or even possible to design a trail to go from the middle of Weedpatch to the N side of the park?


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