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Phase 3: Limekiln Return


Limekiln is a great beginner trail starting at the camp grounds.  But it requires beginners to ride it as an out and back.  The Limekiln Return will turn Limekiln into a loop.  Riders will cross the road and ride back to the campgrounds on the other side of the Park Road.

This will be a machine built beginner trail, approximately 2.0 miles in length.  While we will provide some volunteer support for this project, this trail will primarily be built by profession trail builders.  This will allow for it to meet the beginner specs while still being fun to ride.  Estimated cost is $75,000.

Construction is not currently planned and depends on when funds are available.


Trail will be very similar to the existing Limekiln Trail with some great views and deep ravine crossings.[/size]


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