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Phase 3: Bobcat Bowl / formerly called HP Bowl (Complete)

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HP Bowl will be an expert level trail, that will be somewhere between Walnut and Schooner in difficultly, but with much longer sustained descents and climbs.  It will be a fun technical descent but will challenge even the strongest riders to climb back out.

This trail will be build primarily with Volunteers with some professional support for a supper cool trail entrance.  Estimated Cost is $6,000 for Materials and Signage.

Construction has already started, but the existing trail is not finished and not open for use.  If want to see it, come to an organized Trail Work Day.

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to check it out some day when I visit. Is there a dedicated trail fund I can donate to?

An update HMBA Trail Fund will be rolled out soon.

Update on HP Bowl Progress

We have made a lot of progress on the new trail and we have a shot at getting this trail open for this year's Breakdown. 
Here are some photos of the progress.

Looks great!


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