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Limekiln Trail Work Session Saturday April 5th at 10:00AM


We are making great progress getting the trails at BCSP ready for 2014.  This Saturday we will focus on Limekiln.

We will meet at the Hoosier's Nest Parking lot.  If that lot is full, park across the street by the Fire Tower.

I will bring plenty of tools.


Sorry, can't make it, multiple obligations. I'll hopefully make the next session. Enjoy the Spring Break drivers! :P

~Yet another Dave

Unfit Nitwit:
Looks like it will be mostly sunny and near 50 degrees.
Should be decent weather for us.

Trails will be too wet for riding today, so come on out and join us for a afternoon in the woods.  Trail work is great exercise, and a great way experience the outdoors.


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