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2014 Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic

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Just a reminder the 2014 Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic will open for registration at 9 a.m. (EST) on April 1.  THIS EVENT IS ONLY OPEN TO 80 WOMEN AND WILL SELL OUT QUICKLY! 

Be sure to sign up early in order to get a spot. 

We have an all new format this year that will offer more customized options, more one-on-one attention from our IMBA-ICP certified instructors, catered meals (NO MORE SUBWAY) throughout the weekend, more trail time and much, much more!

Go to for all the info about this year's event.

Clinic is FULL!   We sold out in less than 12 hours.  A wait list is available for those hoping to still get in.  We are working with one of our sponsors to hopefully open another spot or two.  More info coming in the next few weeks!

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Nice! Good to see the interest is high. I'm still working on convincing a friend she won't break a limb if she gets out on the trail. I've somehow talked her into attending the Liv/Giant event in a couple of weeks. I'm hoping she'll get bit by the bug, preferably not of the tick variety.

~Yet another Dave

My wife got in.  She was sitting at the computer waiting for registration to open.  She's very excited.  I'll be coming along and spending the weekend riding.

Got my wife to the Liv Giant Demo.  I have booked to be in Brown Co that weekend but did not make the clinic registration.  She is still in "don't spend the money mode"!  I will break her of that sooner or later!
Baby Steps!  Anyone else needing "baby steps" that needs to meet at a trail once in a while to go slooooooooow with their spouse, 
Let me know!  :)


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