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Brown County State Park Phase 3: Overview

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Over the past couple of years, HMBA has been working to get approval for the next phase of new trails at Brown County State Park. We are calling this Phase3. 

Phase 1 (Volunteer Built) trails were North Tower, Aynes, North Gate, and HP.

Phase 2 (Grant) trails were Limekiln, Walnut, Schooner, Pine, and Green Vally.  There trails were built using a hybrid construction process which combined both professional trail builders and volunteers.

Phase 3 will build the following trails: Hobbs Hollow Flow Trail, HP East, HP Bowl, Weedpatch, Limekiln East, and Limekiln connector.  These trails will also bebuilt with a hybrid approach.  Since we don not currently have any large grants lined up, we will have to fund raise for the profession trail building support needed to complete this phase.

Phase 4 will be developed while we build Phase 3.  Most of the nest phase of trails will hopefully be in Yellowwood State Forest, with a connection to BCSP.

Phase 3 Map

Dark Green are existing trails, and light green are the new trails. The new trails will and 12 to 14 miles to the BCSP trail system.

We will start volunteer construction on HP bowl in April. 

Look for a fund raising campaign later this year. 

Awesome stuff.  Good to see things moving forward.  Let the fundraising begin.

Very cool!
Will have some new stuff to ride when I come visit the in-laws :)

Looking forward to it.

Indiana Dave:
Awesome! Hope I can make time to help build some trail!


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