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Condition of greenways in Indy.

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David Kuehnen:
Anyone been riding on the Indy green ways lately?   Just trying to understanding of which ones are road bike or mountain bike passable?

Considering how icy things are on many neighborhood streets, I'd suggest most are going to be mtb-passable.  The busier sections of the Monon might be clear, but the less busy spots are probably mired in ice.

Canal Towpath from Illinois street south to 30th was great yesterday morning. Nice solid base since Citizens plows it. The current snow will add to that, but it should still be rideable, and it will likely get plow treatement by tomorrow. The Monon was completyely clear (before the snow) from downtown north to at least 52nd. An mtb should be fine to handle this new stuff. No idea about Fall Creek or the White River Trail between 30th and 10th.

The monon was clear all the way up to 96th last week, so my guess is its all the way clear before todays snow except for crossing some small streets such as 52nd.  Now the culture trail does actually still have some snow on it at crossings for some intersections.  Just a reminder that the fall creek trail is closed after it crosses 38th but there is a detour. 

Now I wonder if the city will plow the trail or just wait for the weather to take care of the snow?

I was thinking of riding the fall creek trail tomorrow.  Was wandering what shape it's in.

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