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Get your race events on the HMBA calendar!


If you haven't been paying attention, the new HMBA site is LIVE!  Included is a real functioning calendar that uses Google Calendars.  I am the owner of said calendar, but I want it to be a community sourced thing with lots of folks contributing all over the state.  I've got a couple people in Indy contributing activities for the city, and someone from O'Bannon. If you organize a race series anywhere, even if it's just a single event, I'd love to see it get listed on the HMBA calendar.  It really would help folks to see how many mtb activities are going on across the state.  It would also help trail work organizers to work around various race schedules, and help park visitors to work around race events.

All I need is a "yeah, I'll contribute" and an e-mail address via private message, and I'll send you an invitation to be a contributor to the calendar.

Sub-9 events added... thanks Nate!

reminder -

HMBA is looking to get 2015 events posted.

We are working on our full 2015 event schedule and should have it ready soon.

I can't find how to list DINO's events for 2018, any tips?


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