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HMBA Board and Committee Nominations 2014
« on: January 11, 2014, 06:09:43 PM »
 The nomination period for the 2014 Hoosier Mountain Bike Association, a Chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association(HMBA-IMBA) Board of Directors will open on Monday, January 13th., and will close at noon on January 21st.  On January 21st, HMBA will hold a board meeting, with those nominated, to determine the 2014 HMBA Board of Director’s slate that will be ratified at the HMBA Annual Meeting (February 8th). 

HMBA-IMBA is made up of a team of mountain biking enthusiasts who work together to plan and administer a variety of activities that support the club’s mission and goals. General expectations of members:

--regular attendance at monthly board meetings and any special meetings as required

--regular participation in club activities including club rides, trail work and special events

--acting in accordance with the club’s bylaws, policies and procedures

--serving as an ambassador for the club with the mountain biking community, service providers, land owners, sponsors and other community partners

--Provide a leadership role for an HMBA function or Committee

--ability to work as team member in the accomplishment of program activities and goals

The HMBA-IMBA Bi-law’s allow for 3 to 15 Board members. The executive positions are as follows:

President– guides the board and committees in planning and accomplishing Club projects and activities, represents the Club at community events and speaking engagements, ensures that Club activities are in accordance with HMBA bylaws and policies, performs various administrative duties to accomplish Club objectives.

Vice President- assists the president and the board in conducting Club programs and activities, performs the duties of the President in the absence of or at the request of the President, oversees and assists with special projects and events.

Treasurer - develops an annual budget, monitors expenditures and deposits, provides regular financial reports to the board, pays bills, makes deposits, and otherwise manages the budget.

Secretary- keeps an accurate record of all meetings of the Board of Directors, maintains the official records of the Club, ensures that calendars, social media outlets, newsletters and other information resources for the membership are kept up to date, oversees administration and functioning of the Club website.

Members At-Large – current club members in good standing are eligible for nomination as an at-large board member. Each at-large member takes responsibility for one of the club’s programs or primary functions. General descriptions for desired committees are (other opportunity’s available):

Mountain Bike Patrol (AMBP) Program Director– coordinates a team of volunteers who patrol some of the area’s most popular trails and offer mechanical assistance and basic medical services as needed. The Program Director schedules patrols, tracks volunteer hours, and ensures that all patrollers obtain and maintain required first aid and other certifications.

Women’s Mountain Biking Program Director – works with a team of volunteers to plan and organize skills development rides for women. Volunteers assist with marketing the program, coordinating with program sponsors, organizing and leading rides. The Program Director develops the ride calendar, provides direction and guidance for volunteer ride leaders, collects and maintains waivers, documents volunteer hours, and performs other administrative duties as required to administer the program.

Kid Mountain Biking Program Director– works with a team of volunteers to plan and organize skills development rides for youth on approximately a monthly basis. Volunteers assist with transportation and set up of equipment, preparing youth for the rides and serving as ride leaders. The Program Director coordinates with various local youth organizations to schedule rides, recruits volunteers, tracks volunteer hours, develops and monitors program budget, maintains program inventory, collects and maintains waivers.

Trails Program Coordinator – plans and hosts quarterly Trail Steward meetings, maintains ongoing contact with land owners, assists Trail Stewards as needed, prepares and monitors program budget, maintains tool inventory, collects and maintains waivers, oversees trail work projects and ensures that activities are consistent with IMBA guidelines and land owner agreements.

Club Ride Coordinator– works with teams of volunteers to plan and host regular club rides. Schedules rides, confirms location availability with land owner, arranges for food, beverage and other supplies and recruits ride leaders for the event. Maintains inventory of club ride supplies. Administers program budget.

Special Events Coordinator– works with teams of volunteers to plan and organize events that benefit the club. Duties include coordinating with sponsors, land owners, service providers, permits and completing other administrative requirements.

Grants Administrator–works with teams of volunteers to research and apply for grants and to administer funds received. Responsibilities include developing grant requests, administering grant funds, overseeing grant-funded projects, and preparing reports.

Membership Coordinator– Serves as membership liaison, assists with recruiting and coordination of volunteers for events and programs, assists with providing various notices to membership via membership management software, maintains membership supplies, applications, etc.

Communications Coordinator– Responsible for updating website, Facebook, Meetup, and other social media outlets regarding upcoming events, volunteer calls and other club news and announcements. Prepares and distributes monthly club newsletter.

Advisory Board Members– current club members in good standing are eligible for nomination as an Advisory board member. Advisory Board Members are Board members who may not have the time to take and active role in managing HMBA-IMBA’s programs, but who can provide Business, Political, Financial, etc… Support and Advice to the HMBA-IMBA Board.

If you, or someone you know would be a good candidate for an HMBA Board Position, please nominate them (self-nominations are welcome).  Individuals nominated will be contacted to confirm interest and invited to the HMBA Board Meeting on January 21st, where the 2014 HMBA-IMBA Board slate will be determined.

Nominate candidates by sending the following information:

Information on the candidate’s qualifications:

Send nominations to Paul Arlinghaus through email or by HMBA Forum’s Personal Message

Email: parlinghaus@msn.com

HMBA Forum PM: Paul_Arlinghaus
HMBA: Director of Trail Development / Secretary


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