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New and optimized forum theme.

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If you haven't already noticed the changes...

Last night I put a few hours into sprucing up, optimizing and customizing our forum's theme.

If for any reason you don't like it, let me know! You can always go to your profile and select to use the previous theme. (HMBAv2)

Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated!

The new theme certainly freshens the appearance. Well done.

One thing I would suggest is to limit the time one has to modify/remove their posts to a few days. It can really screw up a thread when someone gets ticked off and deletes many of their old posts on the way out the door. I've seen it happen on other forums.

If you gave us a decent set of smiley's, I could give you a "thumbs up".

Dave Tozer:
I like it! Plus, I swear I smell a pine forrest when I log in now.

Scott O'Farrell:
Dig it! Good job...looks really nice. 

David Kuehnen:
Very nice


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