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This Thread will be used specifically to report trail issues.  Report downed trees, and other trail issues that HMBA's trail crew need to be aware of.

Also, please use a new tool to report trail issues:  MAPRIKA

This is an App for your smart phone or I Phone.  You can download the 2013 Park Map.  This is a great way to know where you are at on the trail and it has a cool feature called "send Location".  If you choose "send location" from the menu, then you can choose to email your location.  Once you are in your email application, you can add and attachment/Picture and take a picture of the trail issue.  Send the email to

This will forward the map and photo to our trail crew leaders and park management.  If we know exactly where an issue is, and what it looks like, we can get the right crew and tools to the location quickly.

Will this also get the info posted to the forum in a timely fashion, or will we have to do that separately? Without a forum posting, other riders won't have a heads up about a hazard on the trail.

Will we now have to look in both Trail Conditions and Report Trail Issues to get all the trail condition info?

Is someone working to get Green Valley added to the BCSP map?

There are three maps available for the BCSP.

If you zoom in on BCSP and hit the "+" icon, select "all maps", you should see three red icons.  Two up by the mtb trails and one further South.  The southern one is for the horse trails.

The two up north are for the mtb and hiking trails.  One is "Brown County State Park"  This is the old one with out Green Valley.  The other is "Brown County State Park 2013".  This one has Greenvalley.

Hope this helps.


I just uploaded the version I've been working on the last couple of weeks.  It's a clean (electronic) copy of the 2013 map with about 15 GPS points set throughout the park.  The name is:

"Brown County State Park - 2013"

Please note the "-" (dash) between "Park" and "2013" which is the only differentiation from the previous map discussed in this thread.


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