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Trail Maintenance Plan for BCSP
« on: July 29, 2013, 12:47:12 PM »
In the early days of HMBA, our trail systems were smaller  (for example: Town Run =7.5 or Westwood = 10).  So we typically had an HMBA Trail Rep for each trail.  These reps, worked with the Park staff, the trail users, organized trail maintenance, and some even organized events.

Now that BCSP is at 25 miles. It really isn’t fair to expect any one person to have to manage the whole trail system. 

At our meeting on July 20th we talked about having each trail have a specific Trail Rep.  Individuals could take on one (maybe two trail and be the HMBA point person for that trails. 

This helps spread the load and helps us to have the correct person leading efforts on each trail.  For example we may not want the same person to work on Schooner and Pine Loop.  They are two very different trails.

The expectations for Trail Leaders would be to inspect the trail on a regular basis (typically on foot with a rhino and knocking out small issues), organized volunteer trail work days, communicate trail conditions to the public as well as HMBA.

In addition to the Trail Leaders, we also need trail Specialists.  Trail specialists wouldn’t be tied to any particular trail, but would have the skills and training to do small projects.  Areas of expertise for example would be chain sawing, rock armoring, basic trail repair, trimming,  etc…  These folks would be there to support the Trail Leaders as needed.

Of course we still need the support of the whole community.  Every time a riders stops and takes a minute to trim back a branch or knick a drain, helps.  And the more organized volunteer days that we have the more riders we will have with basic trail maintenance skills.

We have many riders in the Brown County area who have been part of the trail building process, and for those without much experience, I can help provide you with training and support.  If you are interested in taking on a trail at Brown County State Park, please contact me.  You can send me a PM or an Email.

Paul Arlinghaus
HMBA: Director of Trail Development / Secretary


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