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Same ole Ferdinand!


Brother and I hit the trails on Thursday. Still hills, hills, and more hills:) I believe the quote of the day was, "Coming here today is the second dumbest idea you've ever had!" - Him. "What was the first?" - Me. "Coming here last year!" - Him. Great trails though. I think DINO should consider returning. Something tells me the times might be a little bit slower!

Thanks for the comment to bring DINO back to Ferdinand State Forest.  It has changed a lot since they were there last.  Yes,  there are hills; but isn't that what mtn biking is about?  Most of the steep fall line sections have been rerouted to longer, gradual climbs.  Still challenging; but better than it used to be.  There is more we want to do to improve it.  Each year brings changes.

We did the route clockwise and the only time we had to get out of the saddle was right after the steps on Southridge. Wanted to make it up that steep part but ran out of traction for the gear I had. We never rode it before, but I'd say its a pretty sweet trail now. Definitely one to challenge your conditioning while still rewarding you with some sweet downhill.

The alternative to that steep climb just above the dam on the main lake is to take the firelane around on the left.  You'll end up in the same place.  I usually take it myself.  That is what we used for DINO the 2nd and 3rd times they raced there.  The short steep climb becomes a bottleneck during race conditions.


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