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Panting Deer Bike-O final update
« on: August 20, 2015, 10:47:47 PM »
 Hi Everyone,

The registration table and start/finish for Saturday's Panting Deer Bike-O and orienteering meet at eXplore Brown County will be located in the grass field across from the zip line "harness hut".  Turn left at the harvest hall (big red barn).

The controls/checkpoints are in place and waiting for you!.  Don't miss out on this great fun.  Whether you race hard the whole three hours and gather as many points as possible, or just enjoy a stroll in the woods looking for a few flags, it promises to be a beautiful day and an experience you will remember for long time.

As an added bonus, cyclists will finally get a decent topographical map with the XBC trails and roads.  And remember, 100% of your entry fee helps high school ocean science students get to Seacamp in the Florida Keys.  Be sure to arrive a little early to register.  Better yet, camp Friday night and sleep in a little longer.  eXplore Brown County has camping, paint ball, zip lines, ATV and Buggy tours, boating, and of course mountain biking and hiking.

We will look for you Saurday!



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