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What are the rails like here??


Looking to ride here Ina month or so. Would like to know how many miles of trail are there and what is the terrain like. And thanks in advance.

The trails are old school type trails with lots of climbing.  DINO raced here 3 times 2004 2005 and 2007.  We have rerouted most of the fall line steep climbs with gradual switchbacked climbs; but you are still climbing.  Some is firelane; some is single track and some double track.  There are just around 10 miles of official trails; but you can ride some of the firelanes and add more or just ride multiple laps. 2 laps here is enough for most.  The firelane sections have some course gravel on from recent logging but all is ridable.  The trails drain well for the most part. The wet sections are on firelanes where you won't cause any significant damage. Clockwise for the loop is the easier direction but both are fun.  If riding more than 1 lap I usually mix it up.  Let me know when you plan to ride and I may be able to join you if you like.

Thanks for getting back to me. And yes that would be nice. Always nice to have a tour guide in a new place. Ill take you up on that tour when I get to head down there


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