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Town Run Trail Park
Castleton, Indiana

Town Run Trail Park is the first official Mountain Bike Park in Indianapolis. Although it has been in existance for years, it became part of Indy Parks in 1999. Known for its flowing, roller coaster like singletrack, TRTP can be enjoyed by novices and seasoned riders alike.

TRTP is located on East 96th Street between Keystone and Allisonville Road along White River.
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Link below is a rough map created by user John7722

More info located on the HMBA site.

Steve King:
Access to Town Run during the construction on Hazel Dell & 96th.

Roundabout construction has begun at the intersection outside of Town Run's entrance and lane restrictions are in place. Hazel Dell Parkway is closed from 106th to 96th. The four lanes of 96th have been shifted down to two way traffic on only the two southern lanes.

Access to the park coming from Allisonville may not be possible due to construction barriers blocking the turn in at times.
Access from eastbound 96th is still as normal... for now.

Recommended way in is from Keystone or River turn East to the park... and 116th turn South on Gray Road then turn East to the park.


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