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France Park Work Day, Saturday Feb 16th: 10:00AM till 4:00PM

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Trail Work Day at France Park.  Paul Arlinghaus, will be leading trail work from 10:00AM till 4:00P. 

You do not need to be there for the whole day, just come at what ever time is convenient and work as long or a short of a time as you wish.  For those at the last trail day, we will be working at the same location.  Otherwise stop at the office for directions to the work site.

We are working on an expert level trail and there will be bench cutting as a well as rock work to do.  HMBA will provide tools.  We recommend that you where sturdy wook boots, work gloves, and safety glasses.


I plan on being there.

Any carpooling up there?

The cold temps on Saturday will not stop us.  If any thing, it will help keep things from being muddy.  See everyone on Saturday.


Doe,  If you are coming up from Indy we could meet you on southside of Kokomo . I'll have room for 1 or 2 more.


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