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Volunteers Needed, France Park Trail Work 1-19-13...

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Things are really taking shape at France Park and now it's time for the MTB community to step up and help out!  We're planning a volunteer work day for Saturday January 19th at 2pm.  Paul Arlinghaus is going to be there lending a hand and park management is trying to get some of their employees to attend as well (they've been doing a ton of work already).   This is a great chance for us to show the new management what we can do and help to transform France Park into a great riding destination. 
Feel free to PM with any questions and I'll keep this post updated as we get closer to the 12th.

I'm more excited about this project than I have been for a trail in quite a while. There is so much unique potential at France Park. It will be a much needed destination trail for north central Indiana.

If you live in places like Carmel, Zionsville, Lafayette, or Kokomo, you should get involved in the work at France Park - in my opinion it will likely be Indiana's best riding north of BCSP.

I should be able to help out.

Looking forward to helping out next weekend. 

Me too.  I'm in.  What time do you want to start and where would you like to meet up in the park? 


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