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Kevin M:
Interesting article in today's HTO.  Looks like Hoosier Energy could end up being Wapehani's new neighbor on the south side.  They want to move their headquarters to the tech park on the south side of the park.

There are several levels of approval, of course, and the whole deal is contingent on a tax abatement, but they're seeking that this Friday.  City Council will have final vote.  I'll keep you posted on opportunities for public comment.

What general concerns or questions, if any, do you have about the development of the tech park?

Allen Edwards:
I can't think of any questions or concerns regarding the development.  We've known it was coming for a long time and (as far as I know) all of the trails that would have been impacted have been re-routed.  So as long as the construction doesn't encroach on park property, I think things are progressing as we've expected. 

Kevin M:
The Hoosier Energy project—a new 80,000 sf corporate headquarters--is moving forward.   There will be a first hearing before the City Council this Wednesday night (Jan 9) of two items: 1) Ord 13-01; 2) Res 13-02.

Any park users who enter via the cell tower cul de sac take note: proposed Ord 13-01 vacates the right-of-way to Tech Park Blvd (Hoosier Energy wants to gate it off and will acquire the cell tower lot).

See this week's Legislative Packet for details.

Other than that, the main impact to the park is likely to be aesthetic.  The description of the project says that it will:

* be “constructed in the ‘Prairie Style’ aesthetic and contain brick, limestone, and glass” with a “two story appearance from the south and a three story appearance from the north”;
* be designed to attain LEED Silver certification with many green building design components; and
* leave much of the property undisturbed but still provide approximately 230 parking spaces for permanent employees as well as some temporary employees and visitors.

As long as Hoosier Energy is aware of us neighbors up north, and that we are not renegade mountain dew drinking kids "trespassing", I don't see a problem.  We actually should instill a good relationship with them.  Many bike paths have been constructed on "energy" corridors or right-a-ways.

Would be interesting to know whether any Hoosier energy employees are mountain bikers. If I worked there I would love having that lunchtime opportunity to go for a spin. They would make good wapehani allies to ensure continued or even expanded park access.


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