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How is this place?

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Posted on another topic, looking to ride over the Thanksgiving holiday. Heard Tk Lawless is prolly closed, heard Goshen wasnt too good. Now wondering about RumVillage. Any thoughts? Now wondering if I should bother taking our bikes up North. Thanks for any ideas.

I rode there once. It is one of the better trails in that area, a pretty good ride. Take the bikes :)

In my opinion, Rum Village is a lot of fun.  It is tight and twisty and has a few technical features as well.  It is short (only about 6 miles) but it is well marked and well maintained.  I don't think you would regret taking your bikes to ride it and maybe riding potato creek state park as well.  These two are not to far from each other.  Hope this helps!

Thanks for your input, will take the bikes!

Take the bikes, it's better than running!  Plus, it's a great reason to get out of a crowded house and get fresh air.

The trail is fun enough, but I found about the time you get to a moderate pace the trail dumps you into sharp corners at the bottom of the next rise.  momentum is killed and it feels more uphill (very easy grades, though).  I'm not the strongest rider, so it's not my first preference.  On the upside it's probably a better leg work out than TRTP.

It is marked okay, make sure to keep taking 'rights'.  The beginner loop starts on the right and comes back to the middle of the entrance.  The intermediate starts in the middle and ends at left of the entrance.


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