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Thanks NIMBA
« on: October 18, 2012, 08:23:15 AM »
I finally made it up north with my bike to ride Imagination Glen and Rum Village, and added Bluhm Park in between.  THANKS to NIMBA for making a day of mtbing an absolute good time!  If you're up that way, and as others have posted on this site, take your bike and enjoy some NORTHERN IN mtb action!  I only wish I had gotten up there sooner.  Here's a snippet of the day:
The breezy morning air was cooled by the waters of Lake Michigan.  I was chilled, deciding to put on tights.  The sun was up, shining bright in a blue autumn sky.  Outback Trail, some 10+ miles of mtb fun composed of two loops, in Imagination Glen Park on the edge of Portage, IN was my post-coffee addition to energize my blood.
I quickly rode Peninsula and then pedaled back to the Dark Side via the Heritage Trail to warm up.  Well-signed, riding the total seven miles of trail that is essentially one big loop with little side circles to get the full mileage was not technically difficult, but it did have a few spots that required some technique, e.g. the right side line at the beginning of The Basement and a few piles on Log Jam.  It was impossible to get lost, and was a perfect ride to get the day started.

Finishing up on the Dark Side, I went back and rode the Front Side.  Three miles or so of smiley-face riding, is what I found it to be.  The woods were spectacular dressed in their seasonal colors, and despite it only being three miles, I felt like I was gone for a long while.
Back at the parking lot, I loaded up and got my bearings set for Bluhm Park in LaPorte County.
So as to not load up the forum/site, the rest of the day can be found here:  http://vagoscribe.com/2012/10/18/nimba-trifecta-outback-trail-bluhm-park-and-rum-village-in-a-day/


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