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Weekly beginner ride interest? (Maybe a beginner to intermediate level)

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I'd be up for some more group rides again this year. Mondays are best for me, but Tuesdays work too.

About how long is a typical ride/lap?  Tuesdays would be good for me from about 6:30-7:30...have to drop off/pick up a daughter in Plainfield for volleyball practice at 6 & 8, respectively.  I haven't been and would love to check it out via a group ride first.  Thanks!

After next week, I'll have more time available througj the week. Most Tuesdays would still work....anyone interested in "earning our keep" and doing some weedeating in various spots?  I've not been on the trail but have heard it could use some of the same love TRTP/FT. Harry/SWW have been getting.  I'd like to be part of the solution!


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