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Weekly beginner ride interest? (Maybe a beginner to intermediate level)

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Wife has informed me that I have plans this Thurs (someones birthday I am told).  I will catch you next time.

I'm still up for it, if you don't mind being seen on the trail with an overweight and out of shape noob huffing and puffing his way along.  :)

Dave G.:
I am in, however for the short term Thu needs to be trail work day at SWW to get ready for DINO.  Once the DINO loop is ready, then I can make it over to ride. 
Thanks Matt for organizing the ride!

Matt E.:
I'll be out at Avon Tuesday 7/31 around 6:30pm in the lower parking lot near the water park. I'll be heading out for the ride around 6:45pm. Depending on the temp outside, I'll probably put together about a 5 mile ride around the park hitting the southern loop at least twice. Going to shoot for a nice easy ride to make sure we don't drop anyone as we are going around, if anyone is out there with me.

When you turn onto CR 525 E (the road that takes you to the park from US-36), go to the stop sign and turn left. Follow that road all the way until it dead ends at the parking lots and that is where I'll be.

I'm new to the forum and just got my bike last week.  If you could keep this link updated I would be very interested in the ride, I just wont be able to make tomorrow night.


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