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Weekly beginner ride interest? (Maybe a beginner to intermediate level)

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Matt E.:
I'm looking at Thursday around 6:30pm for a meet up, 6:45 pm for ride start time. We ride around until about 8 pm or when the group decides they've had enough.

Details can be worked out as we progress along, just looking to see if anyone has any interest in making a weekly ride group to a more beginner level.

Looking at making this a more beginner rider type ride. No speed racing turning # of laps and such.

Looking at around a 3-5 mile loop, depending on the groups desire for beginner-intermediate skill level trail.

Post if you have interest and the day/time you can make a weekly commitment to the riding.

Very interested!  Total newb here, my bike hasn't touched the dirt yet.  Thursday nights aren't the best for me, but not a total deal breaker. Monday and Tuesday evenings are better for me. :)

Matt E.:
I will add that I'm not opposed to traveling to other parks around Indianapolis as well on occasion. Camp Glen in Fort Harrison comes to mind.

I am really wanting to just keep this as an entry ride as it seems most of the ride nights have more advanced riders and could potentially turn people off of getting out and riding with a group of riders around their capable level of riding (both distance and skills handling).

Im up for it.  I only ride the lower sections because that 6 foot drop on the upper section scares the heck out of me.  Old guys like me don't go all X-games on the trail.  Just nail down the day and time and mention where we want to park and meet up.  I suggest meeting down by that splash and play area.  Tons of parking down there and never crowded.

I am currently working thursday nights, but that will change in a month.  When that happens I will join you.  I live in the area so I would enjoy this.


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