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Fort Harrison State Park / Re: Fort Harrison Trail Work 2017
« on: June 02, 2017, 11:01:06 AM »
On Schoen, just a little bit before the big switchback above the entrance to the park, there "was" a tree (or maybe it's two) where you kinda have to shoot the gap to get through it.  Last night when I rode I certainly noticed that there isn't any more "shooting the gap" as that tree on the right side is gone! It was a little tricky I suppose to get through that little gap but I'm wondering why it's gone? It seems a lot of times when there is a little difficulty getting through or around certain small obstacles that it disappears eventually. Just thought I'd ask if someone here did that or if somebody else did. I mean it's a more advanced trail than LC but it kinda stinks IMO when all of a sudden something is gone because "it's a little tricky" or whatever. I would think you guys would have a good reason to get rid of something so thought I'd ask here first. Honestly my first reaction was "what the hell?" but I'll reserve judgement to see if it was removed for a specific reason. Hopefully if anyone has ridden recently they will know what I'm talking about. Appreciate the work guys,... haven't been out to a work session but have spent hours clipping and pruning the trail. And god knows I need to to do more cuz the trail is starting to close in on itself!

Fort Harrison State Park / Re: Fort Harrison Trail Conditions 2017
« on: April 23, 2017, 12:01:29 AM »
Tree down on Schoen. Can't find the name of the area but from the bridge connector, you climb up and go past that flagstone "bridge" near the road up top. It's just beyond that. Will need chainsaw. Otherwise trails aren't bad. Little wet in places.

Tech Bench / Undoing chain Connectors?
« on: October 10, 2016, 04:38:58 PM »
I stopped and tried to help a guy with his chain during the Epic. He had connected a new quick connect link after breaking the chain but he routed it wrong so he needed to undo it to route it correctly. I've been there done that. I looked at it and was like no problem.

 I run 9 speed and have used both SRAM and KMC connectors and never really have a problem getting them off. Some are a bit snug but I just squeeze the middle and push both together and it will come off eventually. This was a 10 speed connector (the only one he had) and it would not budge! Pressing as hard as I can, getting better leverage, ... nothing. I tried a ziptie to get more force around the links to push it off and could not do it. After about 20 minutes there was nothing else I could think to do. I couldn't give him one of mine cuz don't think it would match a 10 speed chain. No one was able to offer a pair of pliers or any tool to get enough pressure on the link to get it off. Thankfully he wasn't too far from the Crooked Creek SAG and hopefully he got help there. But I'm normally able to offer a solution and it kinda sucked not being able to help.

What could have been a good solution to get that thing off?   

I may do a write up at some point but I did do an overnight in that area. And the water was plentiful! Ponds up on Hickory Ridge, creeks, Salt creek (I assume this was Salt creek underneath the bridge at Maumee). Combs was flowing in many places. Hot as hell but lots of water thankfully. Thanks for the replies. 

Fantastic 4 / Re: Anyone ridden Nebo lately?
« on: August 05, 2016, 03:16:27 PM »
I did a little overnight on Tues/Wed and rode out on Nebo. Did not see another soul on a bike or hiking for that matter. Yes it's overgrown in areas (with lots of sticker bushes) and I don't like not seeing the trail when zooming down that singletrack. But that's part of the backcountry feel. Just have to be careful I suppose. But the worst part is the amount of spider webs that I collected over my legs, my bike, my helmet, .... my mouth. It's a bit unnerving passing into one and just before hitting it you see a quarter sized spider just off to the side. I tried not to think about what was undoubtedly crawling on me and I just kinda cussed every time I passed through one. I felt like a Christmas tree adorned with tinsel! Nonetheless it was still a good day on the bike. 

Thanks for that. I actually know where one of those ponds is but I didn't even think about it(duh), .. I was just thinking about stream sources. That  might just have to do. I remember a few years ago at Death March riding down, I believe, it was some area on Combs and there was a lot of water as we had to ride through it in some parts. But, yeah, maybe it's just runoff that isn't all that consistent.

I'm not really sure how much water I need but I don't want to run out. I could probably carry like 4 liters or so but, good god, I have no idea at this point how hard it's going to be to pedal my bike with everything and water weight adds a lot! Lot of questions. Gotta start somewhere though.  Thanks

I'm starting to sketch out a few routes to give this bikepacking thing a try. Just a short trip to start as I'm completely new to it but have backpacked many times. The one thing I'm not certain about is water availability. How feasible is it to rely on water sources in the forest along the route? Right now I'm looking at centering around Nebo although I may venture into Hickory Ridge trails. I'm hoping if I stay low, maybe near Maumee or other low-lying area there will be streams to access water but I'm really unfamiliar with how reliable it is.

Can anyone comment on the water sources in the area? My other option, I suppose, is to cache some but I'd rather not. My map looks like there should be ample sources but thought I'd ask those that frequent the area.   

I did my best to hack away and weedeat the meadow/pond area around the top of Schoen. I also cleared that small area of trail entering the batcave as I believe its called. I'm sure its far from perfect but it should feel a little less claustrophobic. That was an exhausting two and a half hours but I'll feel a little less guilt on my next lap. I'm sure I can do this kind of thing from time to time so I'll try and get out there more when needed. Let me know if I goofed up anywhere.

Tech Bench / Re: wheels
« on: June 04, 2016, 02:02:45 PM »
I have some Arches on Sramx7 hubs and they are pretty solid, no problems running tubeless or tubes. Not that great of a hub but really no issues with them. Thought about going with the Crests in the future but I'm about 170ish and ride with hydration backpack so I'm probably too heavy for those. Thought about swapping out hubs for a lighter wheelset. 

But if you were looking for a higher end hub and didn't want all that noise what are some recommendations?? I'd like to know. I did the RAIN a few years ago and rode for far too long with someone who had these obnoxiously LOUD hubs. Every time he stopped pedaling it was like a roar. I don't know, is this a feature that some people like or is it that the engineers can't get rid of the loudness or what??

Buy, Sell, Trade / Re: FS: Park Tool PCS-10 Bike Work Stand
« on: May 25, 2016, 05:58:37 PM »
This is the one you had listed on Craigslist for a lower price? I responded but never heard anything back. 

Tech Bench / Re: Can't get rear wheel centered
« on: April 30, 2016, 12:01:46 AM »
Not a stupid question which was my first thought but I did write in the initial post that the wheel is dished correctly. I've checked this several ways,... with a makeshift dishing tool I have, also by putting a different rear wheel on (still sits towards non-drive side), and lastly throwing that rear wheel on a different frame (ends be being perfectly centered).

I'll take it over to ICS and see if they can figure out what's what. Thanks.

Tech Bench / Can't get rear wheel centered
« on: April 28, 2016, 04:16:54 PM »
I bought a used Salsa Spearfish frame off ebay over the winter. It's in really good shape and I've been riding it as the weather allows. But it has one little issue. I'm riding with 2.2 tires right now and they fit and don't rub the rear part of the frame or anything but the wheel does sit to the non-drive side a little bit. The wheel is dished correctly as I've put it in another frame and the wheel is centered. I also put another wheel in my Spearfish frame and it also sits closer to the non-drive side.

 I'd like to possibly run a little bit wider tire but if I can't get it to sit in the center then it's going to rub the frame. The bit of research I did told me that perhaps something is possibly askew in the rear triangle. Another bit of research said that sometimes certain frames are manufactured this way (for what reason I don't know).

 But here's the question. Can I use a spacer (washer or something) before the hub locknut to help space things correctly and get the wheel on center? I'm just not sure if that would put too much stress on the rear triangle and pieces involved. It's really only a couple mm off but that would be enough to allow me a centered wheel and a little bigger tire. Anybody ever run into such a thing??   

Rants and Raves / Re: Earbud Syndrome
« on: April 26, 2016, 09:53:02 PM »
Yeah, for me it was trail runners twice and a rider once. The rider was on Schoen riding an old school ten speed so I don't know what was going on there. I'm currently wondering how feasible it might be to ride with a tranquilizer gun for those moments. 

Rants and Raves / Earbud Syndrome
« on: April 24, 2016, 09:49:19 PM »
The last three rides of mine at Ft Ben have featured a trail user in front of me that had earbuds in. Apparently the music was loud enough that they would not respond to my normal voice or even my raised voice. Look, I love listening to music when I'm riding. I always wear earbuds although I do the "one in and one out" type of thing most of the time so I can, you know, be aware of my surroundings. In all these instances I tried to make myself known by talking to them at varying distances, even as close as right behind them. No dice. I've even tried to wait for a corner for them to catch a little flash of me coming behind. Not paying attention.

 So each time I ended up getting fairly close and just started yelling loud, ... "HEY!!! HEY!!". Finally they jump around and realize someone was behind. They let me pass and I try to tell them I've been trying to talk to them for a good distance. But I'm sure they don't hear what I'm saying. I kinda feel like saying saying, .. "Hey dumb$ss, have a little awareness here". But I don't.  Maybe I'm just more aware being a biker on the trails but I think it is just common courtesy. I don't mind other trail users at all. I'll stop and let hikers pass, talk with people, encourage those little kids riding bikes, thank everyone I pass, etc. The trails are for us all and are used for many different purposes. I know there isn't any solution to this which is why I put it in the "rant" section. So, .. I guess rant over.

I have to believe you guys and girls have encountered this sort of thing. Is there anything you do differently that might help? I figure it's a lost cause and I'll just have to continue yelling to clear the path.     

Tech Bench / Re: Repair for Tubeless Tires?
« on: April 12, 2016, 05:51:19 PM »
Hey- thanks for the recommendations. I ordered and now have used the tire plugs. I was plenty familiar in using them on car tires so thought I'd give it a try.

After installing one I pumped up a few times but it kept slowly going flat. Realizing that I had probably lost too much sealant I gave the tire a new shot of sealant and everything is holding now. I'm keeping them in my saddle bag for future punctures but I might also need to carry some extra sealant too!
 Thanks again.

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