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Fort Harrison State Park / Night Rides?
« on: August 30, 2015, 07:05:52 PM »
This topic was in a thread about 4 years ago but the warning prompt told me to perhaps start another thread. I've needed to test out some of my lights for an upcoming event and since the park doesn't close til 9:00 at this point it is perfect for trying them out. I have not seen any evidence that this is illegal or against any park rules. You can get in about 30-40 minutes of good dark riding right now and still get out of the park by 9:00. It changes next week to an earlier closing time. But there is also a time change coming up in November which might allow some darkness.

No one on that old thread mentioned or thought they were doing anything wrong by riding in the dark. Just thought I would bring it up again because I've done it a few times lately. It's a great ride and much different at night. Just making sure I'm not overlooking any park rules. I haven't found any and the rangers see me ride in with a headlamp although they probably don't think much of it. I know other State parks freely allow it but they do close their park grounds/trails later than the Fort.

Any thoughts or comments? 

Fort Harrison State Park / Self-Paced Work??
« on: June 05, 2015, 09:53:30 AM »
I saw over in the Town Run threads that they use some self paced work for weedeating, etc. I'm wondering if this type of thing has been done with the Fort? I like devoting time to the trails here but miss out on the Wednesdays at times, other times I can work but no one posts a meeting time or place which I'm assuming means no work is being done that day.

 Meanwhile it seems the weeds are closing in on the trails at certain points. I'd certainly devote some time doing this or other things if it is permissible. I see how they have divided Town Run into "zones" to communicate what has been done. Any chance of adopting this practice over here? I think I may have a weedeater to use but I'll have to check on that.

Anyway I'm a little irked at myself when I can't get out to help but I do have some free time at various times throughout the week to do something. Any suggestions concerning this type of thing?? And is there any kind of trail training available to allow people to do more work on their own?? Seems like I'm always riding by Mike out there at all kinds of times during the day. I'd love to pitch in more since I bet I ride these trails as much or more than anyone here. 

Harmonie State Park / MTB Trail descriptions?
« on: October 02, 2014, 08:44:14 AM »
I recently saw there is a 6 hour race down at Harmonie State Park in November. I've never been there so I'm looking through the forums to get an idea of what the trails are like. But I can't find any descriptions of the trails at all. What are these trails like?? Is there a lot of climbing?? How about trail flow, ... rocky, rooty, obstacles,etc?? The course for this race is 13 miles. Can anyone give any input about what these trails are like?? Thanks

I use Strava to keep track of my rides, times, miles, segments, elevation, and any improvement I might make over the year. I like the app as it pushes me to ride harder and get stronger. I do plenty of easy rides too but I do like the app quite a bit.

Anyway there is a new routing function where you can put together your own route or look and ride what other people have come up with. There is even a kind of filter within the routing function that allows you to avoid hills and ride the flattest easiest route. But I'm looking for the opposite. I want to ride as many hills as possible (not all the time, but many times). Unfortunately the Strava routing doesn't have that filter that gives me the most elevation gain, just the least. My conclusion from the little training that I do is that riding hills makes me stronger. But the challenge in central Indiana (Indy)is that they are sometimes hard to find.

So, where are the hills around here?? I live NE side of Indy and have found some. I ride repeats at Ft Ben and Skiles Test for the most part. But does anyone know if there is an app or anything that would be useful in finding the biggest hills near me?? I know down south the hills are much bigger and better and more plentiful but I can't make it down there very often and have to make use of what I have around here.  Seems like I should be able to find this somehow but I haven't figured anything out.

On a side note, I'd also like a way to find gravel roads nearby too. But after looking at Google Maps and a few others I can't find that info either. It's a longshot maybe but some of you hardcore training types might be able to offer some suggestions. Thanks for any input. 

Versailles State Park / 24 Hours Of DINO course descriptions
« on: August 19, 2014, 07:09:05 PM »
I've recently signed up for this race(12 hour solo). However I've never ridden at Versailles SP. I hope to get out there for at least a day to check out the trails before the race but thought I'd ask what you all think of the course. I've read a few descriptions but they seem incomplete and are not all that descriptive. Would anyone like to tell me about the course and /or their experience with this race?? Are there many technical areas?? About how much climbing is there?? Is it similar to any of the other trails in Indy or BC?? Rocky, rooty, gravel or sand strewn, smooth ripping singletrack?? Tire choices? How long laps took?? It looks a little similar in some videos but looks are deceiving. I know it's about 13 miles or so.   

Really I think I'm just getting anxious as I always do leading up to an event. Any info relating to it would be helpful and appreciated. Hopefully some of you will be out there as well. Looking forward to it!

Oh yes, are there any food/beer vendors setup at the race site?? Thanks people!

Fort Harrison State Park / Wrong Way Signs??
« on: July 15, 2014, 09:21:38 PM »
I encountered a couple riding today. They were stopped and I passed by. A short time later I saw they were riding in the wrong direction but I wasn't in a position to tell them anything at that point. Going around the loop I crossed their path again and told them about the directional trail. They were fine with hearing that and turned around.

And that got me thinking. I know there are the brown signs (maybe they have to be this color?) showing the correct direction but I'm wondering if there are any markings or signs showing the wrong direction for bikes (or if this might be a good idea). Many of us are "sign blind" sometimes. We don't pay much attention. But I know there are a handful of places two bikes going towards each other might end up badly. A year or so ago I was travelling on that downhill section of LC nearing the connector and a guy was riding the wrong way. Admittedly I was going a little fast but a biker comes up fast on you, ... a hiker not nearly as much.

Anyway, bottom line just wondering about an eye catching (red, orange) sign that might inform someone that they are going the wrong way. Especially close to where they enter the trail the wrong way. People might still not pay attention but a bright sign might catch their eye and inform them. Curious if this has ever been considered.   

Racing...from the novice to seasoned / Mohican 100, .. anyone??
« on: May 23, 2014, 10:31:37 AM »
I don't know anyone here at the moment so this is a bit of a longshot. I'm going to do the Mohican 100 next weekend, .. riding the 100K (unless I decide to switch last minute to the 100 miler). I'm going by myself because I wasn't able to convince any of my friends to go out and suffer for a day. Anyway just seeing if anybody is in the same boat and might want to travel there and share the cost. Planning on leaving Fri about 4-5pm and camping at packet pickup/race finish location (Mohican Adventures). Leaving for home sometime after race Saturday.

I've never done this race before so if anyone has any experience with it, suggestions, or comments I'd love to hear them. Thanks.

I'm always busy with my kids and all sorts of other things and my riding is pretty much a "why don't you go now" sort of thing. So I don't have much time to devote to trail maintenance days. But today I was checking out the trails at Ft Ben. Very muddy in sections and standing water in many sections. I have some pics that I can post later but I was wondering if there is anything I can do while I'm out there?? I've heard people write about unplugging drains and so forth and the thought occurred to me, .. "can I do this while I'm out there by myself"? I'd love to help out the trails but am a little unsure what to do to help them out.

I also saw that people seem to be making alternative routes around the main trail to avoid the messy sections(I didn't follow them). Is this something that could be done to protect the main trails when they are bad and muddy?? If not, why not?? Seems a few alternative routes might be good to avoid the main trail getting completely trashed. People seem to just go ahead and ride anyway despite any red flags. I walked my bike a lot today but was wondering what can be done if people are out there riding anyway.

How do I unclog a drain?? What can I do to help out?? Are there any videos or suggestions you might have for someone that gets out frequently but can't make the trail work days? I'll post a few pics later and maybe someone can point out something that needs to be done that wouldn't require a work group to do. 
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