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Town Run / Re: 465 Wash Out
« on: April 24, 2015, 12:40:45 PM »
Thanks Dave. Not having seen it myself my imagination does its thing. Some aspects of the trail I don't care about and ignore, others pique my curiosity.

I appreciate your response. That and noting your experience with the terrain shift. It's easy to get comfy with a familiar trail and cruise along only to be caught off guard because you didn't realize a fallen tree had been made into a log-over, or a reroute was done. It behooves everyone to keep tabs on these details and for those responsible for changes to keep us informed, which the HMBA community does do.

Here's to an interesting tune-up event!

~Yet another Dave

Town Run / Re: 465 Wash Out
« on: April 24, 2015, 10:02:32 AM »
I may go down there this evening and get the big, loose rocks out of the way.

I'm all for safety on the trails, so is the reason for removing rocks solely based on safety? I know we aren't the epicenter of mountain biking but usually dirt, rocks, roots, logs equate to riding trails, even in or perhaps especially in Indiana.

There are loose rocks in the garden on Schoen and certainly some loose ones on the Versailles and French Lick trails. I've struck pedals on roots and my chainring might have scraped a log here and there. Indeed most of those objects did not move underneath me. Just looking for clarity, and I realize there can be fine lines/grey areas in these situations. I'm going off my first gut reaction here, so nothing but curiosity intended.

Thanks for the trail report, looking forward to any surprises the reroute offers.

~Yet another Dave

I agree with Fett. I was on both the giving and receiving end of the passing scenario last year in the Intro category. In either situation I would call out which side I was passing on as I saw a safe opening. Likewise I would call out "you go left I'll go right" or similar so someone could pass me. The majority of my encounters were with the other category riders, so they had little to lose/gain against me but at times I felt a bit frustrated due to being caught up in the excitement. (not the tune-up race)

As for TRTP unless you're in a category with lots of other racers, most of the passing amongst your competitors will be sorted in the first quarter mile. As for the drops there, none are required for DINO races and some could eat into your time on top of the potential risk for mistakes. I think I did one of the log jumps last year on the north loop.

It's a fun intense experience. Hopefully the more casual Wednesday night Short-track "racing" option will return in May. It's a less serious means to push yourself while being in a similar environment as racing.

I suggest getting time in at each trail system you plan to do in advance of the race. Seasoned cyclists could probably handle first ever pre-riding the course the morning of their race but I need more time to digest the whole of the trail.

If you normally need water for the distance your category goes, you should have it for the race as well. I'm not a bottle carrier and I skipped water last year since Intro goes partial laps. This year I'll do more distance so I'm carrying a light hydration pack. Whatever suits you and keeps liquids in you is always the smart choice.

Along with being familiar with the trail, watch your speed. Smooth and consistent will get you there faster than pushing yourself and having to back off later. I like to look at previous year times to get an idea of how fast I need to be for a given location. Likewise distance is a factor- early in the season I'm not as resilient with 10+ miles of intensity but have an easier time later on. Knowing your weaknesses/limits and overcoming them before you race will yield better results. This applies to simple features on a trail too- if the concrete section on the return of TRTP north loop gives you fits and anxiety, ride that part over and over until you have the confidence you need.

In the end it is about having fun. Regardless of outcome you will likely crave more of it after each race. I'm not overly competitive but I like the personal challenge that racing offers. It gives me a few more goals that provide motivation to improve many aspects of my living and riding.

Here's hoping we don't get rained out on Saturday.

~Yet another Dave

Racing...from the novice to seasoned / Re: Fat & Skinny Tire Fest 2015
« on: April 22, 2015, 10:56:59 AM »
So are the same attire requirements in effect for this race- full face helmet, long sleeves and long pants? I imagine you can ride a different bike than used in the DINO race as long as it meets the other requirements.

Is this a rain or shine event?

Thanks for the notice here, I hadn't looked through all the events of the weekend on the main site. Have to decide if I want to invest in the extra gear yet or not.

~Yet another Dave

Town Run / Re: 465 Wash Out
« on: April 14, 2015, 03:59:47 PM »
Wow!  Thats pretty wild.

My sediments exactly.

I don't always ride Town Run, but when I do, I ride 26+

With that magical hub width too, right?

I'd imagine a larger wheel size might make my laps faster at TR but they won't make them as much fun. And I generally prefer fun over speed, because like most activities, you tend to get faster with time the more you do something. Until I feel I've reached the limit of my equipment instead of my own abilities, I won't make the move.

Now what about tire choice at TRTP...

~Yet another Dave

Rants and Raves / Re: Does the N+1 rule apply to cycling shoes?
« on: April 06, 2015, 12:31:21 PM »
What are flats?  I think my girlfriend wears those when she doesn't wear heels  ;D

I always feel like I'm at a tap dancing recital when I hear clipless on pavement or floors.  ;D

If I weren't feeling at higher risk due to a previous injury I'm sure I'd consider adding a pair of taps clipless to my wardrobe.

I didn't intend to forget some specific styles like flat pedal shoes, SPD sandals, and flip-flops. All of which are used for trail riding of one sort or another. Stiletto heels and Go-Go boots might be needed if you ride cyclocross.

LOL  I have a buddy that rides in regular sandals along with toe clips. Go figure. I cringe every time I look at them.

My n+1 problem is with tires...

~Yet another Dave

My pack was 13+ lbs  :D

I have spreadsheets too but didn't preride much at all and never expect to compete at that level. The podium was not our target but we will certainly aim to improve our position next year. Perhaps our 3rd year wild be one for chasing all 17 checkpoints.

Thanks Paul and Brian for the reminders on trail conditions and interpretation of their treatment. I should have dug a bit deeper for that info. I certainly failed to realize there isn't a solid connection between HMBA maintenance work and the horse/hike/bike trails found below BCSP. I appreciate this information and will bear it in mind gong forward and ensure my riding friends understand as well.

~Yet another Dave

Sure is quiet in here. Oh wait, some of us are recovering still from yesterday.
Had a great time in HNF for the Death March. Thanks to Tania and Brian for making it happen again, on PI day of all things. The unique twist on the start time was quite clever. As for the wish for snow...let's just say I was appreciative of the weather for my first experience. Real running water and toilets were a bonus.
My teammate and I are definitely going to be back. I'm sure we'll have less on-paper prep and more practice ride prep next year. We managed to take 11 of our planned 14 cemeteries while each dealing with a mechanical issue for much of the ride.
It was a great way to kick off the "trail" riding season sans snow. We now aspire to make more trips to the area and ride some our route again later this year. I encourage anyone considering this event for next year to definitely add it to your DO list.
~Yet another Dave

Thanks Tania. I apologize for being ignorant of the area. My initial impression was that this was a gravel/CX favored type of event but with trails in the mix it could favor MTBs when things got sloppy. I'll get my reality check tomorrow, with my hope that paved roads are of minimal need.

Of course slow slogging mud on trails isn't beneficial to your time when faster gravel or paved are an option even if the longer way around. This being my first experience for the DM race, perhaps it will make sense to give it a go on CX next year.

Heading down on Sunday. Not sure I expect much riding, more to size up what's what/where. May have to do a few non-trail segments but not planning to hit any trails.

I've always been curious how 364 days out of a year it's "Don't ride trails when muddy" but come race day it's "Rain or shine". This isn't specific to DINO events of course.

For the sake of the Death March, should we expect everyone to avoid muddy trails and stick to gravel/paved roads? From all the past video footage for this event it seems like little is off limits and mud is king.

I'm sure Paul has a good answer for this, I may have missed it in past discussions.

~Yet another Dave

Tech Bench / Re: Thinking of going 1x10.
« on: March 06, 2015, 10:33:51 AM »
Looks good. The red bash will really set it off. I'm waiting for RF to churn out an orange direct mount NW chaining but I'm also considering just getting a black one re-anodized instead.

Tech Bench / Re: Thinking of going 1x10.
« on: March 04, 2015, 07:54:41 PM »
Nice job. Just need a pic of the whole drivetrain or make a before/after if you have the old config in a shot. You won't change your mind and go back. :)
I just came across a solid deal on some RF Next SL cranks...thankfully I'm not in the market to justify the expense, but it's the best I've seen in awhile...

Racing...from the novice to seasoned / Re: Fatbike Friday race!
« on: February 28, 2015, 10:42:01 PM »
Anyone else notice the average age for the participants of this event? Clearly our interpretation of what's fun takes a twist as we get older, or our (common) senses get duller.    :D

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