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O'Bannon Woods State Park / Re: O'Bannon Woods Riders--Feedback Wanted!
« on: August 16, 2015, 07:00:56 PM »

It was a great day on the trail today. Breeden Ridge was in awesome shape.

Derek was just floating down the hill...

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Re: Volunteers needed!
« on: August 12, 2015, 09:12:52 PM »
I'm going to have a lot more free time soon. Therefore I will try to help out when I ride the trails. I usually don't make I t over too often since I'm in Louisville but I can do what I can when I'm out if I spot something in the trail.

Thanks! If everyone that rides would just do a little bit, it would really make a difference!

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Volunteers needed!
« on: August 11, 2015, 02:18:00 PM »
Now that the new trails at O'Bannon are open, and have received great reviews, it's time to address an important issue.

We are still looking for volunteers willing to help maintain the trails.

No one has stepped forward to do a "safety check" with the park management for chain saw operation. Fallen trees remain across the trail, since our approved operators haven't been able to get out to the park every time they fall.

Branches, briers and berries are hanging over the trails because no one else has stepped up to trim back the trails.

Don't leave it all up to a very small handful of volunteers to maintain a trail that everyone enjoys!

Tech Bench / Re: Road Bike Driveline Question
« on: August 05, 2015, 11:20:31 AM »
I know, I know, but as wet as it has been this year - I have been on the pavement a lot this year!

I have a Cannondale CAAD10 105 that I bought new last year.  I rode some last year but not a ton, rode mountain bikes a lot more last year.  I have ridden the CAAD10 a bunch this year and I have been noticing two things that I am hoping you guys can help with.

I notice a clicking that is coming from the chain clicking on the middle rings of the rear cassette.  Is that just part of it or is it a function of the cassette?

Also when in the highest gear or lowest gear the front derailer is rubbing the chain.  Since it is on both ends of the spectrum; is that normal, can it be adjust out, or is it a function of the front derailer.

To be clear, I am not looking to buy new parts to fix the problem.  However, if it is the parts, as they wear out - I will replace them with upgraded parts if that is the problem.

To me, it sounds like a couple of minor derailleur issues.

On the front derailleur, if you really only hear it when you are in high gear or low gear, it sounds to me like cross-chaining. That happens if you are in the big ring in front and the big ring in back, or vice-versa. There should be a "half-click" adjustment on your front shifter that may eliminate the noise.

Otherwise, while it sounds unlikely, it may be that your derailleur cage is out of alignment.

On the rear derailleur, if it is clattering in the middle of the cassette, you may need to make a micro-adjustment on your cable tension using the barrel adjuster. The clattering is because the chain is really kind of "in between" gears and needs to be better centered on the sprocket. Try a quarter-turn at a time and see if the noise goes away.

It may be that your cable tension is all out of whack, which would require additional adjustment, but chances are a micro-adjustment on the cable will eliminate the rattle.

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Re: Thanks for Awesome Trails!!!!
« on: July 28, 2015, 03:32:49 PM »
I've been to Obannon twice so far this year and man is it so worthe the 2hr drive from Indy.

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On behalf of all the volunteers who helped build the trails, and have helped to maintain them, thanks for the comments.

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Weather Conditions and Trail Maintenance
« on: July 22, 2015, 03:06:28 PM »
Not that I'm announcing anything that we probably don't already know, since mountain biking at O'Bannon has been very limited this year--The National Weather Service in Louisville recently reported.

The 2nd wettest July to date.
The 3rd wettest April ever.
The 6th wettest year to date. We're about 4" off the record, set in 2011, at 43.61".

Needless to say, with all the rain, many of the trails have taken a beating this season. Trail maintenance has also been limited, and the overhanging branches and briers have had a great chance to multiply with all the wet conditions.

If you are out riding the trails, please do a little bit to help with the maintenance. Don't leave it all up to only a few people.

Think about carrying some small trimmers, pruners or maybe a folding handsaw. Take a few breaks along the way and please stop to remove any debris or overhanging branches. If you would prefer to hike, carry a Rhino and perhaps do some berm busting, or maybe some rock armoring, if necessary. The soft areas will be holding water where ruts have been formed.

Record your time and report it, as it does count toward the HMBA volunteer hours. Everyone definitely appreciates the new trails at O'Bannon, and will definitely appreciate anyone who steps up to help keep them in great shape! Thanks!

Thanks Steve King. I didnt even think of looking at MTBProject. I appreciate it, now it makes sense. Another failure of mine last weekend, boy we get spoiled riding here in central Indiana.

Being new trails, we are still working to get everything wrapped up. Getting the trails built and opened for riding this summer was only the first part of the challenge.

We have been working with the park staff to create an updated map of the mountain bike trails system, and should have copies available in the park office, gate house and nature center in the near future.

Right now, the Carsonite signs at the intersections use a two letter code to identify the trails:

FT-Fire Tower
RR-Rocky Ridge
BR-Breeden Ridge
PR-Potato Run
GC-Group Camp
AT (AHT)-Adventure Trail

Riding at O'Bannon is unlike riding elsewhere in Indiana.
There are a number of rocky, technical sections and the place has been known to eat tires and destroy tubes. Carrying spare tubes is definitely recommended.

Versailles State Park / Re: VSP Trail Conditions
« on: July 02, 2015, 07:05:55 PM »
Hope to ride at Versailles this weekend. How often do you update status?

The trail status indicators are typically changed when the trail conditions change.

It usually takes a couple of days without rain for the trails to dry out.

It seems like it's been hard to find a couple days without rain lately.

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Re: Horses on O'Bannon Bike Trails
« on: July 01, 2015, 01:23:29 PM »
  I talked to the Horse rep at the DNRs Trail Advisory Board yesterday and she has recently ridden at O'Bannon.
Most of the trail rider are conscienscious and do not want to be on a mountain bike trails. One thing that she suggested is some signage at spots where the horse trails and mountain bike trails intersect. She said a problem that she has seen, is if one horse rider goes the wrong way and other riders, who are unsure, see horse tracks, they would assume that is the proper way to go, compounding the problem.
This does not apply to the riders who willfully are breaking the rules.

There is no doubt that most of the horseback riders are quite conscientious. Many of them who are aware that HMBA was also responsible for building the new Idlewild Horse Trail are also very appreciative for the new sustainable model trail we added for them.

There are also a small number of riders at O'Bannon who we know are deliberately riding the mountain bike trails, riding past all the signs we have installed. When they've been met on the trails, they've acknowledged that they are quite aware of where they are, but have no intention of turning around or leaving the bike trails.
We'd like to continue to work with the park staff, conservation officers and the horseback riding community to help identify these riders, as these confrontations reflect poorly on the rest of the horseback riders.

Obviously, not every mountain biker is perfect either. Let's set an example of what good trail (and park user) behavior looks like. Be courteous, be friendly and show respect for fellow park users.

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Horses on O'Bannon Bike Trails
« on: June 25, 2015, 11:13:38 AM »
We are aware of horseback riders on the mountain bike trails at O'Bannon Woods. We are working with the State Park staff and the local conservation officers to better educate the horseback riders about the dangers of riding on the mountain bike trails.

We are also aware that some horseback riders have been very ignorant and belligerent when mountain bikers have met them on the bike trails. It seems like some horseback riders are riding the bike trails just looking for trouble.

Remember, it only takes a couple "bad apples" to ruin things for everyone, and these horseback riders are in the process of ruining things for the rest of them. 

If you run into horses on the bike trails, remember to be respectful, and take the high road. Do not get sucked into any altercations, and please avoid any conflict.

If you have a phone with you, contact the park office, and report what trail you've seen the horses on and which direction they are heading. If you happen to have a GoPro, and/or have images of any horseback riders encountered on the trails, save those images and let us know. It may help identify the offenders.


Looks great!  I will be in Ferdinand in two weeks (visiting the parents) so I may head over one day for the first time...it appears on the map now that you can do one big loop? If so what would the mileage be and would one direction be preferable over the other?

You are correct, there is now one big loop, but there are also a number of options available to create a longer ride.

The "big loop" is about ten miles, but would miss much of Rocky Ridge and the upper part of Potato Run. Really, to get the whole experience, it involves riding some parts of the trails twice, or riding both directions. For instance, Breeden Ridge and Potato Run almost need to be ridden both directions, since they are so much fun.

For me, I like the flow riding counter-clockwise down Fire Tower and finishing with a climb up the Group Camp Trail. The descent from the ridge-top pond on Breeden Ridge to Potato Run is a roller-coaster of fun.

Thanks to everyone who came out today!

What a great turn-out. We had around 50 riders and volunteers help open the new trails.

The weather cooperated nicely, with storms all around us, but blue sky over O'Bannon almost right up to the end. The last riders finished up as the sun was setting and the rain started coming down.

The sun is still shining here!

Here's a rough schedule of events:

We'll be set up in the Pine Pond Shelter for the afternoon.

A clockwise-direction trail ride will head out around 2:00pm. (Down Group Camp to Potato Run)

From around 3:00-4:30, we'll picnic at the Pine Pond Shelter. Burgers and fixings will be grilling.

Around 4:30, we'll have a quick presentation to recognize the volunteers who helped build the trails.

Around 5:00, we'll have a group ride, heading out counter-clockwise. (Down Fire Tower to Breeden Ridge)

Some campsites have been set aside. If you require a site, please let us know!

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