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Rants and Raves / Re: Blown rear shock!
« on: April 12, 2012, 04:47:42 PM »
Fox has been nothing but reliable for me.  I've been riding a Float RL for 9yrs with nothing but the occasional DIY maintenance, which is pretty easy.

Seems RS has stepped up their game recently, but since I keep my stuff for awhile, I'm not a fan of companies that change their product lines so radically that parts for the old stuff become unavailable.  I am not thrilled with the migration to 10spd drivetrains for this reason.  It's not a problem now, but it'll become one.

Advocacy / Re: Eagle Creek Mountain Biking
« on: April 05, 2012, 12:51:21 PM »
I would love to get involved with this project this summer.  I wondered for years why there were no trails in that park.  I hope to be back in Indy permanently by June to help.

Tech Bench / Re: New FS Bike
« on: April 02, 2012, 12:42:25 PM »
when I first went from a hardtail to my 03 FSR, I had more pedal strikes.  Not sure about the model year you use, but one frequent complaint about the 03 model was a low BB.  I think the moving suspension (and thus the changing BB height) is the primary culprit because the BB on my FSR is much higher than that on some of my other bikes.  The pedal strikes eventually stopped as I developed better pedal ratcheting technique and paid better attention to which foot needed to be up or down or even horizontal.

Rants and Raves / Re: might be coming back to Indy
« on: March 30, 2012, 01:10:29 PM »
Don't forget to bring your hammock gear. You might need a little more insulation up here in the winter.

I have a down quilt I made several years back (before I came to TX) that's been down below freezing (in my hammock even in Texas) just fine.  right now, I just use a foam pad for under-insulation, but have been wanting to get an underquilt so I can go lower.

Rants and Raves / Re: might be coming back to Indy
« on: March 29, 2012, 04:56:36 PM »
how are the bikepacking opportunities in Indiana?  would it be possible to link up multiple trails anywhere for a multi-day ride with dispersed camping along the route?  even stopping at a campground or two along the route might be okay as long as I wouldn't have to spend too much time on the road.

Tech Bench / Re: Broken spokes...lots of them
« on: March 21, 2012, 01:29:33 PM »
I have been running a set of Mavic CrossTrail UST Disc wheels on my 03 FSR since 05.  they've been great.  they do have 24 bladed spokes with the fancy nips so if I ever break one it'll be a royal PITA.  I bought mine at REI, so it's entirely possible if I took them back, REI would just wind up exchanging them.

still, those bladed spokes have proven most reliable against bending/breaking from trail debris.  my original wheelset had spoke breakage problems after I got a big stick in the spokes and bent one.  I have had equally big sticks in the spokes of the CrossTrails and they've been solid.

I built a 29er wheelset for my road commuter (needed disc hubs and wanted wider rims for bigger tires) and I used Shimano M629 hubs (close to SLX level) and Velocity Dyad rims.  My LBS doesn't have a great wheelbuilder on staff, so they had QBP do the wheel build.  they came out pretty solid.  I just used plain 'ol straight gauge spokes for the build to save money but I'd have gotten lighter double-butted ones if I could have afforded it.  Even on my rigid steel road bike with 32-38mm tires, those wheels have been great even with trail riding thrown in.

Rants and Raves / Re: might be coming back to Indy
« on: March 19, 2012, 04:32:48 PM »
well, it's not a might.  it's definite now.  wife got an offer and she's going to take it.  it's a little more than she asked for, so that's good.  she's a veterinarian, btw.

I'm finishing my MS in environmental science (thesis is landscape ecology-related).  I'm flexible.  I prefer private nature center or conservation organization work but am willing to get a teaching license to teach biology.  if I need a temporary gig, I can work at a bike shop or other outdoor retail (both things I have done before).  I have also been tossing around the idea of opening a business focusing on backyard wildlife habitats - native seeds, bird stuff, bat stuff, helping people get NWF backyard habitat certification, etc.  I could also potentially go into the DNR and do some wildlife management.

we do eventually plan to buy a house, but we'll have to play that by ear.  it will depend on the profits we get from our current place (we currently stand to make some money on it - imagine that in this housing market) and we plan to crash with family for a few months so we don't wind up paying for two houses, and to help save for a down payment.  maybe by fall we'll be in the market.

Rants and Raves / might be coming back to Indy
« on: March 18, 2012, 06:18:49 PM »
I grew up in Indy, and moved away for undergrad in 99.  Have spent time in Ohio, Michigan, Utah, Pennsylvania, and currently Texas since then.  Looking to finish up grad school in a few months so the wife and I are looking for somewhere to go.  Wife's looking for jobs first.  I'm busy with my thesis and since she has the higher earning potential, it just makes sense for her to find an acceptable job first, keeping in mind what I'm going to need.

She's been looking all over the country.  Aside from one interview offer in a small city in Montana that would have been a great place to live, but not a great place to work and just didn't meet our needs well enough, she's got an interview in Indy tomorrow.  So far it looks good for her, and Indy is big enough that I can either find a job or make my own.

I see that there's a good bit of new trail in the area, which makes me happy.  I've ridden at TRTP plenty, but I'm excited to see there's trail at Ft Harrison.  I grew up close to there.  The Avon trails where there last time I rode in the area, but I haven't tried them out yet.

I am also getting into commuting by bike a lot more lately.  Built up a pretty nice SS commuter (On-One Pompetamine) last fall that's been a lot of fun.  Happy to see the city has plans for a pretty big network of bike lanes around town, and that it's been making good on those plans for the past few years.

The cost of living there is nice.  While not quite as cheap as where we live now, I think we should still be able to afford what we want where we want.

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