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Wapehani / Re: Wapehani- Trail work and improvements
« on: June 21, 2010, 07:34:07 AM »
Glad to see you here, Adam!

There are still two bumpers left; I thought I was going to need them for an unrelated drainage project, but I think they'd be put to better use extending this feature another seven feet.  I'll email this volunteer list and see if anyone's up for moving them this week.

Wapehani / Re: Wapehani- Trail work and improvements
« on: June 11, 2010, 05:23:42 PM »
Parking bumper skinny anyone?

The Easy alternate line is the existing second route up onto the dam (turn left at the fork):

The deck of crusher fines and gravel is 8 inches wide; there's an additional 2 inches of bumper on either side:

I'm sure that one foot won't be skinny enough for some people, but this modest TTF also helps solve the problem of the perpetual mud hole and standing water along this approach to the dam.

Thanks to Adam and Mike for helping to move the first three bumpers.

Wapehani / Re: Wapehani- Trail work and improvements
« on: May 26, 2010, 05:53:58 PM »
Allen and I made huge progress today clearing saplings for the sinkhole reroute.  That last sinkhole line is going away very soon--maybe even by the end of the week.  Ride it while you can.

Last week Luke and I cut in the remainder of the waterbar connector.  However, someone has been undoing some of the check dams on the old waterbar trail; likewise someone has been riding over the limb/dirt mounds on the old fall line trails.  The work piles and large limbs on those trails are not jumps and obstacles.  All those corridors are closed and we'll be transplanting more trees and ferns and such to make that clear. 

Wapehani / Directions and Information
« on: May 11, 2010, 10:55:35 PM »
Information about Wapehani from the City of Bloomington.
Park Hours: 5 AM to 11 PM
Night Riding is Permitted

From Bloomington
Wapehani is located on the west side of Bloomington; Hwy 37, in fact, marks the park's western border.
From Bloomington, take either West Bloomfield Road (W. Second St.) or West Tapp Road

If heading west on Bloomfield, look for Weimer on the left just past the Twin Lakes Recreation Center (formerly the Sportsplex). Turn left onto Weimer and follow it until Wapehani Rd appears on your right just as Weimer curves to the left. Wapehani Rd dead ends at the parking lot.

If driving west on Tapp, look for Weimer on the right just past the Clear Creek Trailhead. Turn right onto Weimer, then make a left when Weimer meets Wapehani Rd.

Please note that although there is a trailhead up by the cell tower, the cul de sac at the end of Tech Park Blvd is not a parking lot. That trailhead (just southwest of the cell tower) is maintained—minimally—for emergency access, maintenance, and for riders who cycle up from Tapp Rd.

Tech Park Blvd is now a private road owned by Hoosier Energy. The former informal trailhead at the cell tower is closed. There is no access to the trail system on the south side of the park; please follow Weimer Rd to Wapehani Rd.

From Out of Town
From Hwy 37, look for either the Bloomfield Road or Tapp Road exits. Follow either road east. From Bloomfield, Weimer Rd will be on your right just past the Twin Lakes Sports Park (baseball fields); from Tapp, Weimer will be on your left.  Wapehani Rd, which leads to the parking lot, is about halfway between Bloomfield and Tapp.

Clear Creek Trail and Rail Trail
Wapehani is less than a mile from the Clear Creek Trailhead at Tapp Rd (approximately .8 miles via Weimer Rd). Clear Creek Trail, in turn, is linked to the Bloomington Rail Trail. By 2011, when the next phase of construction on the B-Line Trail is finished, the Rail Trail will be connected to the B-Line, and thus to downtown Bloomington. 

Riders looking for extra mileage (not to mention a good warmup and spin down) might consider incorporating these multi-use trails into their ride. Depending on which trailhead you park at, you can add up to 10 miles (round trip) to your ride.

Click here to download a Bloomington Parks & Recreation brochure that includes a map of the Rail Trail and Clear Creek Trail.

Wapehani / Re: Wapehani- Trail work and improvements
« on: April 29, 2010, 06:03:06 PM »
New bridge:

Thanks to Luke, Mike, Brian, and Nick for giving up their lunch hour!

Wapehani / Re: Wapehani- Trail work and improvements
« on: July 17, 2009, 11:27:21 PM »
Allen and I met with Steve Cotter at the park today, looked at a section of the PIC trail, and talked about what we have permission to work on. Prior to our meeting, I had sent Steve a description of the pilot work we've done in the wake of Paul's visit, along with a short list of high-priority projects.  Unfortunately, two of those high-priority projects would be on the PIC trails, which are still private property; the good news is that he will ask the property owners for permission to make these improvements.  Steve also re-affirmed his commitment to planning new trails in the fall to make a better beginner loop (including a new bridge at the creek crossing); he's on board with the stacked loop principle, so we'd be able to improve/add more difficult trails after an easy loop is completed.

Here's what we'd like to accomplish for the rest of the summer:

Minor Projects
  • Finalize Waterbar Trail fragment closure by softening the slope and transplanting small trees to obscure the old line
  • Continue drainage work <We have one extra Rhino, so if anyone is particularly interested in joining me and/or Allen on drainage patrol, please message me; we also need to move multiple wheelbarrows of gravel to the “whoop-de-doo” section, making it easier to get buckets of gravel further into the PIC trail, where the worst soft spots are. Parks & Rec will see about getting their mechanized wheelbarrow working; until then, I have a regular one—anyone else have one? We could get a gravel train going and build up a small pile.>
  • Improve turning radius at several intersections within the northwest quadrant to better accommodate two-way flow
  • Clean up the tangle of lines next to the creek crossing
  • Create a better trail map <Anyone have a GPS unit and want to do some riding?>
Trimming, Pruning, and Eradicating
  • Continue to remove multi-flora roses by the roots whenever possible
  • Prune branches which intrude into the trail

Trash Removal
  • Move abandoned tires from the middle of the northwest quad to the parking lot for pick-up
  • Haul out old busted pallets
  • Centralize dirt from de-berming and other drainage work <There's a short-cut on the PIC trail that Parks & Rec has been trying to block off; this might be a good place to pile excess dirt--more wheelbarrow work.>
  • Pick up after other users as necessary

Pending Approval
  • Armor stream crossing (protect banks and roots on approaches) <We'll want to consult with someone more experienced--Paul? Alex?--if we get permission.>
  • Major repairs to and/or re-routing of “whoop-de-doo” section

Wapehani / Re: Wapehani- Trail work and improvements
« on: July 09, 2009, 08:46:50 AM »
Thanks, Alex!  I've mounded dirt and positioned the excess stone to cut off those cheater lines, but I might narrow at least one of the approaches when I finish the details.

Wapehani / Re: Wapehani- Trail work and improvements
« on: July 08, 2009, 03:05:19 PM »

Although this isn't visible, there were three layers of dead limbs buried/sedimented in the mud, going back years.


The approaches still need a little shaping, but it handled this morning's downpour beautifully.

Wapehani / Wapehani Trail Conditions
« on: June 14, 2009, 01:50:22 PM »
I went out yesterday for a bit but didn't stay.  Much of the trail was pretty soft.  Since we got even more rain overnight, I'd imagine we should leave the park alone for a few days.  If any of the storms forecast for the beginning of the week materialize, I'd say leave it alone until next weekend.

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