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Southwestway Park / Redbeard the blockader
« on: May 28, 2017, 03:38:33 PM »
This is a general alert an warning regarding an individual riding Southwestway. On 5/28 a squat individual with a red beard and a full suspension bike blocked an area and formed a blockade. I tried too get around this individual.  As opposed to continuing past the two trees and making way, he stayed put and I believe grabbed my bar end causing me to endo and crash hard.

I believe this individual was acting out of some sort of altruism albeit stupid and reckless as there was a tree down further down the trail. This is what he said to me when I caught up to him. He feigned concern for my well being but road off back to the parking lot following his polite riding partners.

At the parking lot I did scream at this individual. But he kept talking nonsense and pretending as if he had just saved me from a great wreck I would have had. It isn't his place, and when he blockaded the trail he took responsibility from the results. If you are reading sir, the tree was no threat to me ... You were. I had a right to be angry. I apologize to anyone else there I alarmed.

Beware of this individual. And if you ard reading sir, should I encounter you again I will assume you will do me harm through stupidity and act to defend myself accordingly in my half of the trail. Please don't ever try to stop another rider again. It is not your place and you have no right.

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