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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines, the Indiana DNR has temporarily suspended use of the mountain bikes and horses on UNPAVED trails in ALL State Parks and State Forests, beginning 4/8/20.

This is based around the idea that if rescue or emergency extraction was required, it would involve "breaking" the social distancing guidelines for the rescuers. Based on the DNR's experiences statewide, more horseback riders and mountain bikers apparently require rescue or emergency first aid.

Please note that hiking (or trail running) is still allowed on the trails, and cycling is still permitted on PAVED roads and trails.

Stay safe and stay separated.

O'Bannon Woods State Park / NEW Trail Days at O'Bannon Woods
« on: February 17, 2020, 01:31:09 PM »

Join us this season as we break ground on the new trail at O'Bannon Woods!

The plan is to add another 2.2 miles of sustainable trail, relocating the frequently flooded Adventure Trail along the Blue River, to higher ground.

The planned route will connect Fire Tower Trail to Breeden Ridge, and will feature some of the most beautiful geography within the park and state forest, including scenic views, rocky outcroppings, creek crossings and waterfalls.

A trail day schedule has been posted--join us when you can.

Also follow the O'Bannon Woods Mountain Biking Facebook page for additional information.

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Spring 2020 Trail Work Days @ O'Bannon
« on: February 10, 2020, 02:09:04 PM »
Upcoming trail work days have been scheduled--Meet at the Nature Center at 10am--Bring gloves and safety glasses, wear sturdy shoes and long pants, unless you like getting scratched up and pain.

We've added a few Saturday work days again.

Dates are:
February 23 and 29
March 8, 22 and 23

April 4, 5, 19 and 26
May 3 and 17
Volunteer Appreciation Day June 6

Stay tuned for additional news!

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Bear Spotted
« on: July 18, 2016, 12:26:54 PM »

Local news is reporting a black bear was spotted walking on Gethsemane Road near Hwy 62 earlier today. Local residents have reported seeing it for at least a few days now.

For those that have driven to O'Bannon, Gethsemane Road is a couple miles outside of Corydon, heading to O'Bannon Woods, along the stretch where the road goes from the corn fields to the twisty, wooded section.

This is only the second confirmed bear sighting in Indiana in the last 140 years!

Updated information--The Louisville newspaper is now reporting the bear is supposedly closer to Corydon, somewhere in the area behind the Walmart shopping plaza. The Local Animal Control Officer wanted to shoot it and quit his job, apparently when told by state officials he couldn't. DNR officials and police are going to attempt to capture it.

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Adventure Trail Maintenance
« on: June 25, 2016, 06:48:12 PM »
it was hot and humid, but the crew was out clearing the AT earlier today.
We covered from the campground to Cold Friday Road, and then up to Old Homestead Shelter. Also got a little from Indian Creek Overlook toward Cold Friday.

There are still places to look after, but we put a nice dent in it today.

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Important! Let it dry out!
« on: May 22, 2016, 10:04:03 PM »
Please be patient, and let the trails dry out for another day or so. We need some sun and wind to help.

They are still very wet, and the ground is quite saturated.  Some parts of the trail were like peanut butter and other parts were slimy.

We had at least a dozen trail volunteers out today, and spread out to do our best to address a bunch of things which we hope will speed things along.

Thanks to the park team for helping to clear the trails of 17 or 18 fallen trees from last weeks storms. There were some unsafe messes that were bigger than our crew are cleared for. Watch for limbs and debris.

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Help Wanted!
« on: March 25, 2016, 03:43:20 PM »
The mountain biking and hiking trails at O’Bannon Woods State Park were built and are maintained by volunteers. In order to keep these trails in great shape, additional help is required.
If you’d like to become a Trail Trooper, we’re looking for volunteers who would like to adopt a trail. Contact obannonmtbinfo@twc.com for more information.

Job Description:

Every month or two (definitely monthly in the spring and as soon as possible after storms) walk or ride your chosen trail to make sure it is in good condition.

Note! If you spend more than 45 minutes per trail in a session you are probably doing too much.

Work that may be needed includes:

o Remove any debris from the trail e.g. loose rocks, fallen limbs and sticks, without altering the nature of the trail.
o Remove any overhanging branches that prevent a clear ride. Always cut them (preferably with a saw) back to tree level so that no one can be injured by stubs when passing. Branches can dip down considerably after it rains and spring back quickly when it is dry.
o Blackberries and briars grow quickly and should be cut back strongly if required. If they are over-powering the trail, you should advise obannonmtbinfo@twc.com  and we’ll make plans to bring in a weed-eater.
o If water collects in low points, the trail edges may need to be cleaned back to create a path for water to flow. If the trails become rutted, organic debris may need to be removed to promote better drainage. Keep drains wide and gentle so that rider flow isn’t affected. There are a number of Rogue hoes and other tools available for Trail Trooper use.
O Rock armoring and drains may require some attention. If the drains aren’t working, remove leaves and debris to promote better flow. If the rock armoring is loose, attempt to reset the stones.
o If a problem occurs, such as trees fallen over the trail, or if you find anything you can’t fix yourself, contact the trail leaders at obannonmtbinfo@twc.com who will arrange it to be sorted out as soon as possible
o Monitor trail conditions and suggest improvements or changes to the MTB trail committee. Let the MTB trail committee know of your ideas and additional trail work can be planned for a future time.

Please make sure you log the amount of time you spend at obannonmtbinfo@twc.com This helps us to track how many volunteer hours we are putting in.

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Some MTB Project Love???
« on: March 05, 2016, 05:10:46 PM »

So, maybe you've been to O'Bannon. Maybe you've ridden the new trails, and maybe you've ridden the "Featured Ride".

So, how about going to the MTBProject site and showing a little love? I mean c'mon, only ten votes? Seriously? That's the best we can do? And Versailles, with only 17 votes? What's up with that? Does everyone only ride Brown County or what?

Or has everyone already stopped using the MTB Project website and app???

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Adventure Hiking Trail Trail Maps
« on: December 09, 2015, 03:26:54 PM »
Updated trail maps for the Adventure Hiking Trail are now available from the DNR website. A PDF is available at this link:


As well, the MTBProject website has trail information available at:


This is a place where riders can report trail issues, such as trees down.

To make it possible for the chainsaw crew to hike in and get to any fallen trees more quickly and easily, please identify the trail, and any landmarks, intersections or features that may help locate the fallen tree. Sometimes chainsaw crews will know shortcuts to get to different locations, saving them a longer hike.

For instance--"On Rocky Ridge" is nice to know, but is incomplete information. Rocky Ridge is two miles long, with two ways to access it. "From the campground, head down Rocky Ridge past the intersection with Breeden Ridge, but before you get to the the big berm turn" is much more helpful.

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Volunteers needed!
« on: August 11, 2015, 02:18:00 PM »
Now that the new trails at O'Bannon are open, and have received great reviews, it's time to address an important issue.

We are still looking for volunteers willing to help maintain the trails.

No one has stepped forward to do a "safety check" with the park management for chain saw operation. Fallen trees remain across the trail, since our approved operators haven't been able to get out to the park every time they fall.

Branches, briers and berries are hanging over the trails because no one else has stepped up to trim back the trails.

Don't leave it all up to a very small handful of volunteers to maintain a trail that everyone enjoys!

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Weather Conditions and Trail Maintenance
« on: July 22, 2015, 03:06:28 PM »
Not that I'm announcing anything that we probably don't already know, since mountain biking at O'Bannon has been very limited this year--The National Weather Service in Louisville recently reported.

The 2nd wettest July to date.
The 3rd wettest April ever.
The 6th wettest year to date. We're about 4" off the record, set in 2011, at 43.61".

Needless to say, with all the rain, many of the trails have taken a beating this season. Trail maintenance has also been limited, and the overhanging branches and briers have had a great chance to multiply with all the wet conditions.

If you are out riding the trails, please do a little bit to help with the maintenance. Don't leave it all up to only a few people.

Think about carrying some small trimmers, pruners or maybe a folding handsaw. Take a few breaks along the way and please stop to remove any debris or overhanging branches. If you would prefer to hike, carry a Rhino and perhaps do some berm busting, or maybe some rock armoring, if necessary. The soft areas will be holding water where ruts have been formed.

Record your time and report it, as it does count toward the HMBA volunteer hours. Everyone definitely appreciates the new trails at O'Bannon, and will definitely appreciate anyone who steps up to help keep them in great shape! Thanks!

O'Bannon Woods State Park / Horses on O'Bannon Bike Trails
« on: June 25, 2015, 11:13:38 AM »
We are aware of horseback riders on the mountain bike trails at O'Bannon Woods. We are working with the State Park staff and the local conservation officers to better educate the horseback riders about the dangers of riding on the mountain bike trails.

We are also aware that some horseback riders have been very ignorant and belligerent when mountain bikers have met them on the bike trails. It seems like some horseback riders are riding the bike trails just looking for trouble.

Remember, it only takes a couple "bad apples" to ruin things for everyone, and these horseback riders are in the process of ruining things for the rest of them. 

If you run into horses on the bike trails, remember to be respectful, and take the high road. Do not get sucked into any altercations, and please avoid any conflict.

If you have a phone with you, contact the park office, and report what trail you've seen the horses on and which direction they are heading. If you happen to have a GoPro, and/or have images of any horseback riders encountered on the trails, save those images and let us know. It may help identify the offenders.


Plans are underway to celebrate the Grand Opening of O'Bannon Woods newest mountain bike trails--Breeden Ridge and Potato Run.

We'd like to invite everyone to join in the fun, come out and check out the new trails, and help recognize the volunteers who have made this all possible!

If you've volunteered at O'Bannon, we'd like you to come out and help us open the new trails!

And if you've never been to O'Bannon, this will be a great opportunity to see what the excitement is all about. With the new trails, we'll have 12-13 miles of mountain bike trails on the ground, although we don't have an actual measurement yet, since we're still waiting for Alex and Chad and their team to finish up the final few hundred yards.

Mark the date May 30th on your calendar, and make plans to join us for a picnic, along with a group ride in the late afternoon/early evening. Camping is available, so make it a weekend. Additional details will be posted as they develop.

This is also a fund-raising effort, and (although volunteers won't need to pay) your donation will help fund the HMBA trail-building efforts. We'd like a $20 donation, but feel free to donate more!

We'd also like a headcount to make sure we have enough food for everyone. If you'd like to attend (and believe me, if you like some serious riding, you will not be disappointed by the trails) please send an RSVP to:


I hope to see you there!!!


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