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Fort Harrison State Park / Big Hiker That Will Not Acknowledge Bikers?
« on: November 07, 2020, 07:47:09 AM »
Riding the Fort Thursday I came across a large reddish haired guy hiking the middle of the trail.  He simply would not acknowledge me.  I first thought he was wearing headphones then wondered if he might be severely hearing impaired.  I stayed very pleasant using "excuse me", "sir" and "please" a few times before alerting him I was going to pass on his left and then going off trail to go around him.  While passing he would not make eye contact. 
- I was not chasing any Strava times or even going fast. 
- I am not concerned that he slowed my lap time by a few seconds.
- It was an area on the return portion of LC where stepping to the left or right was safe.

Has anyone else come across this guy?  Is there a friendly way to positively interact with him?  I am not a small guy and was not worried but I could picture female or younger riders being intimidated by him.

David Krahulik

Southwestway Park / Name for the Sandy, Rooted, Difficult Uphill Section?
« on: September 29, 2014, 03:23:00 PM »
Is there a name for the difficult uphill section encountered as you ride up from Lenape to Mann Hill?  The uphill section with precarious traction due to incline, sandy soil, roots and divots? 

Is it rideable?  I assume it is but I have to to clear it.

Was it rideable a few years back and has gotten harder due to erosion and trail use?

I imagine I might be able to get through it with perfect soil - maybe when mostly frozen.

(For clarification I am not referring to the section Mann Hill just before the apex/start of the downhill flow trails.  This section is much closer to the river and Lenape area.)


David Krahulik

Purchased a very heavy single speed coaster brake fat bike from Walmart online - Mongoose Beast - 47 lbs out of the box - $200 including shipping.  Added/swapped/scrounged... saddle, seat post, stem adapter, bars, chain, rear cog and tires for another $100.  Its been a blast this snowy winter.   

Tech Bench / Upgrade or "downgrade" from Avid Juicy Threes?
« on: June 25, 2012, 09:26:07 AM »
I have Avid Juicy Threes on my 2009ish XL 29er. 

I am unable to eliminate disc and pad rubbing - I often get a quiet high pitched harmonic noise from the front.  In addition, the rear brake lever just recently became so mushy that the brake does not engage until the lever is almost all the way to the bar. 

My bike and I weigh about 220 lbs.  I ride XC style and the hairiest rides I will likely ever do are Brown County or Versailles.

So, I am looking for a cost effective and practical upgrade strategy.  Should I consider new Avids, with more pad adjustment?  (If yes, which model?)  Or, should I "downgrade" to Avid mechanical disc brakes?  Or, go another route entirely?


David Krahulik


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