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Town Run / BMC MTB DEMO truck at TRTP Postponed for now
« on: May 08, 2015, 11:17:32 AM »
This Sunday May 10th Ron Tew from BMC will be at TRTP with the BMC demo truck. 10am - 2pm 8)  This is of course a FREE event.

As with anything DEMO you have a chance to ride top of the line equipment and ride it like you stole it.  Turn on your Strava or Garmin and see if you can pull better times than the bike you currently rock!It's an early event and we will keep tabs on the weather. As most of us know you can not ride wet (red) trails. Yellow trail gives us an opening to have the truck ready to hand out bikes at will. And then go hang out with family or just ride more!

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