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Find a Ride / Kickapoo
« on: March 18, 2012, 08:48:19 PM »
Just putting in a good word for Kickapoo, off I74 just over the Illinois border (about 1h 15 mins from west side of Indy).  Highly recommend adding it to the mix -- especially for those of us in the central/west portion of the state.  They've always had some good trails but conditions were often poor.  I made a trip there this weekend thinking there was a fairly good chance I'd find a bunch of muddy holes and general disrepair.  Turns out the trails were perfect.  They're really doing a nice job on maintenance and have done a great deal of rerouting, adding drains, etc. to make it hold up much better to rain.  And there is also some new trail getting ready to open.

The trail system has a bunch of turning on moderate speed singletrack, several little jumps (with alternate routes), short ups and downs and some higher speed sections.  Also, they've got a couple of sections with steep switchbacks and companion nasty climbs.

Well worth a visit.


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