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Now that riders from Brown County and BBC are starting to ride Yellowwood, I thought it would be appropriate to get comments, etc to Allen E and HMBA. 
About a dozen of us rode the NW area starting at the Handicapped Parking Lot on Crooked Creek Rd.  We tackled Lucas Hollow first in a clockwise direction (probably tougher than CCW).  At the farthest southern bend, there is a sign to go right, but then there is a spot where a less visible narrow single track goes left and a wider track goes straight.  The HMBA trail goes left, but there is not a sign there.  Half of us went straight and then had to backtrack. We need a signpost there.

That return stretch clockwise was tough and the rocky dips were quite dippy if you know what I mean.  Most of us did a lot of walking.  There was one hill that was steeper than Jack Ass Hill!  Quite challenging. 

We then went east of the trailhead and headed on Miller Ridge to Crooked Creek Dam.  There's lots of other trails to explore, i.e. CCDT.  I assume that we can ride on those and they all end up at Crooked Creek Dam.

A few of the party thought the 14 miles wouldn't be enough.  Oh, contrare'...

Jim Schroeder

Wapehani / West 2nd Street Bikepath
« on: October 20, 2014, 02:06:11 PM »
The Bloomington Bicycle Club has been promoting a bicycle/pedestrian bridge over IN37(I69) for the past ten years and are seriously lobbying for it to city,county,and state officials.  Amazing that this was not included in section 5 planning, but I think it had a lot to do with the city-state feud.  Last March or April, Tom Micuda, Bloomington City Planning, told everyone at our lobbying roundtable that a bicycle path on the north side of W Second Street was to be started in 2015.  I have heard nothing of this in the local paper.  The BBC then desires a connector path from Twin-Lakes to the bridge site or bike lanes from 2nd St to Basswood.  This 2nd Street bike path could also connect IU and downtown to Wapahani more easily.

Kevin M: Have you heard anything on this?

Wapehani / Land between RCA park and Wapahani
« on: January 06, 2013, 01:30:39 PM »
I've often wondered about this parcel when I head to Wapahani.   I ride from Hillside across the rail yards and across the B-line  to RCA park to Summit school to the mill to Wapahani.  What does the city have planned for that farmstead in the middle of the city?  I would love to see a rustic Multi-use path connecting those two parks along the creek or ditch to Weimer. Note: I don't trespass on this or other private lands.

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