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Rangeline Nature Preserve / RNP Merch Store
« on: December 07, 2022, 02:03:58 PM »
Please support RNP by shopping on the RNP Merch Store.  $5 of each item will go towards RNP trail fund.  Thank you.

Rants and Raves / Invaluable help from BGI
« on: October 31, 2018, 11:18:20 AM »
Kudos to BGI and specifically service manager Mark Degunya.  He was a great help on getting the suspension setup on our mountain bike tandem.  There isn't much to choose from when it comes to tandem forks and shocks.  We chose a standard Fox Float 34 SC fork and Fox Float DPS shock knowing they were not going to be valved correctly for the application.  On the first ride it was obvious the suspension was too stiff.  Working with Mark we concluded there needs to be less compression damping and more rebound.  Mark contacted Fox to verify our assessment and give them all the info they needed to ensure quick turnaround.  I sent the fork and shock to Fox and they turned them around in one day with expedited return shipping.  All at no cost to me.  The bike now rides really well and is a joyous adventure every time.  Thanks to Mark at BGI.  He is a wealth of knowledge on modern mountain bike technology.

RNP trail conditions will now be posted on the HMBA Trails Overview page. 
Scroll down the page to see Rangeline Nature Preserve.
The conditions will no longer be posted on the forum, Facebook, or anywhere else.  This is to prevent conflicting information. Feel free to discuss the conditions on other sites, but the actual status will be on the HMBA site shown above.  There you will find a list of all the local trails and their status on one page.  Save the link to your homepage on your mobile device or computer for a one-click process.  We hope this makes it easier since you do not have to check multiple websites trying to find a dry trail.

Open to children and adults of all ages (all children should be accompanied by an adult or guardian). This is a free event with many prizes.  All prizes will be awarded randomly.  Must be present to win.  May is National Bike Month and this event is brought to you by White River Bicycle Coalition, The City of Anderson, and Rangeline Nature Preserve Volunteers.  Come join your fellow riders at 1pm for a fun day on the trails.  Learn more... https://facebook.com/events/1889656601105765

Rangeline Nature Preserve / Donations needed for bridge repair
« on: March 23, 2018, 01:45:38 PM »
Much repair is needed to get all the bridges at RNP back to 100% integrity.  Without the bridges, getting around the loops on a bicycle is impossible.  Even runners will get their feet wet.  Repairs are costly.  In the past, much of the repair money has come out of pockets of a couple of individuals.  Unfortunately, those individuals are running dry.  If we all come together, it doesn’t have to be a financial burden on anyone.  Please consider a donation to RNP.  It is extremely easy.  Simply send money via PayPay to rangelinenaturepreserve@yahoo.com .  It’s quick, only takes a few screen clicks, and free if you have a PayPal balance (If no balance the fee is quite low).  Here’s how: 
1.  Log into PayPal.com via mobile or desktop 
2.  Click “Pay or send money” 
3.  Select “Send money to friends or family”
4.  Copy&Paste rangelinenaturepreserve@yahoo.com in the box and click “Next” 
5.  Enter the dollar amount you wish to donate and click “Continue” 
6.  Follow the remaining few prompts. 
It’s that easy.
No amount is too small.  Every penny helps.  Thank you in advance for helping get the trails at RNP back to the best condition they can be.

Rangeline Nature Preserve / Work day scheduled March 31, 2018
« on: March 23, 2018, 01:43:28 PM »
Work day scheduled for Saturday March 31st to repair The Pier.  Meet in the RNP parking lot at 9am.
The Pier has a few runners and a stringer that needs replaced.  This will be difficult since the lumber needed is 10 foot long pieces.  Need as much help as we can get to haul in the materials and complete the repair. 
Tools needed:  staple guns for T50 staples (I have staples), cordless drills/impact drivers. 
What to bring: water, lunch, work gloves.

Rangeline Nature Preserve / Car break-in thief caught on video
« on: November 17, 2017, 12:21:56 PM »
The car break-in thief can be seen in Parks Dept video.  It is a guy on a moped.  He looked in each car and can be seen opening doors. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO IDENTIFY THIS THIEF.  If you have any information whatsoever, please call the Parks Dept at (765) 648-6851.  Leave a message if no answer. The park superintendent really wants to identify the suspect and end this bad activity. They WILL prosecute.  Even if you think your info is insignificant, please call anyway and tell them what you know or saw. If you posted something on FB about it, please, please call and recite your info.  Thanks greatly in advance for your help.

Rangeline Nature Preserve / Mounds Greenway Town Hall Session
« on: October 19, 2017, 12:48:49 PM »
Please share your ideas and comments on October 24, 2017.  Learn more... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1829536470409396&substory_index=0&id=212642228765503

Rangeline Nature Preserve / Ride For The Mounds Sept 30th, 2017
« on: August 02, 2017, 12:57:12 PM »
Ride For The Mounds Sept 30th, 2017.  This is a worthy cause for both road and off-road cyclists since the Mounds Greenway is likely to cross through RNP.  It would be nice to get a group of riders with our RNP jerseys to attend showing our support.  Whether you have a jersey or not, please consider attending this ride.  Learn more... http://www.hecweb.org/event/ride-for-the-mounds-2017/

The National Bike Challenge starts in 4 days.  There is an all-new user friendly website that pulls all its data from Strava (your profile, clubs, teams, etc), not just mileage as in the past.   If you participated last year, all you need to do is log into www.nationalbikechallenge.org to activate your account.  Just click the orange Join The Challenge button and it will prompt you to log into Strava.  Log on to Strava and you're done.  That's it.  Go ride and help RNP climb the leaderboard!

A few details:
Your info and rides might take a few hours to populate.  Whatever clubs, teams, etc. you joined in Strava will be your group(s) in the National Bike Challenge.  So make sure to join the RNP club in Strava if you have not already.  To do so, click Explore at the top of the Strava website.  In the pull-down menu, click Clubs.  Type RNP in the Club Name search box and hit enter.  Click the orange Join button.  If you are using a mobile device, the steps will vary slightly, but still very similar.

Open to children and adults of all ages (children should be accompanied by an adult or guardian). This is a free non-competative event with many prizes. Buckskin Bikes will have demo bikes ready to ride.  May is National Bike Month and this event is brought to you by White River Bicycle Coalition, The City of Anderson, and Rangeline Nature Preserve Volunteers.  Come join your fellow riders at 1pm for a fun day on the trails.
Learn more at: https://facebook.com/events/1263753967007265

or at: http://madbiking.com

Rants and Raves / Carrying a chainsaw on a bicycle
« on: March 21, 2017, 12:58:10 PM »
I got tired of walking the trail carrying a chainsaw every time one of those dead Ash trees fell.  So I mounted the chainsaw to my fat bike.  Now the fatty has a purpose when there is no snow.

For those interested in the details and more photos, click here:

Rangeline Nature Preserve / Trail maintenance fat bike
« on: March 21, 2017, 12:17:26 PM »
We are beginning to see many dead Ash trees come down that were damaged from the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle.  Most of the dead trees have not fallen yet. So, I think we are at the beginning of a long tiresome trail maintenance year.  I got tired of walking 6 miles of trail carrying a saw.  So, I mounted my chainsaw to the fat bike.  I also manipulated a small handlebar bag to fit as a rear pannier.  I had to lower the rear water bottle cage to accept a large bottle (the top of the bottle hit the top tube of the bike).  I did this by simply adding a Rivnut below the lower one.  I now use what was the lower cage mount as the upper mount and my new Rivnut is the lower mount. With this setup I can carry 2 large water bottles (33 oz each), 1/4 gal gas, bar oil, chain file, folding hand saw, lunch, misc tools, and put my clothes in it that I shed as the day warms up.

This is a close-up shot for those interested in the details.
(Click the photo to enlarge)

Rangeline Nature Preserve / Where are the HMBA Trail Condition Indicators?
« on: February 11, 2017, 02:06:38 PM »
HMBA is working on updating their website.  One big change will be with the trail indicators.  The volunteer who created the trail indicator system is no longer in the area and they are unable update it or add new users.  So they are changing trail indication strategy.

Since they use mtbproject to provide the most updated maps to trail users, they would like for their trail indicators for HMBA trails to be updated as well.  So they are going to start pulling data from mtbproject to their site.

Mtbproject does not have a blue indicator for freeze thaw.  They do have an area for notes that will help better describe the conditions.  HMBA has asked mtbproject for a blue rating.  We will use yellow and comments for now (the same way we did it before the blue was added).

You can access the trail conditions either with the mtbproject app on a smartphone or with a computer.  The steps for each are as follows:

-Open the mtbproject app on your smartphone.
-Touch the magnifying glass to start a search.
-Click the Locations tab
-Type Rangeline Nature Preserve on the search line. (It should pop up before you get done typing)
-Choose Rangeline Nature Preserve from the results list
-Touch the Trail List button
A list of every trail in the park will appear.  The condition for each trail will appear on the right side of the screen.  In most cases you won't need to look any farther.  If you want to see the comments, tap a trail and scroll down to the Conditions area.

 -Go to www.mtbproject.com
-Search for Rangeline Nature Preserve
-Touch Rangeline Nature Preserve from the results list
-Scroll down to the trail list. The red, yellow, green indication is shown to the right of each trail name.
-Touch any trail name for more info.
For quick & easy access, you can use this direct link and add to your favorites:

This obviously is not as convenient as the HMBA dots, but it's what we have for now.  Many smartphones have a way to add shortcuts to the homescreen.  One very simple method is to add this website to your phone's homesreen: https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/7021078/expert-loop .  Then it becomes a one-touch process.

Please check the conditions before heading out to the trail.
Thank you.

The Hoosier Environmental Council is trying to get some outside trail/ride footage before the weather turns. They need riders on Saturday to be participants.  Unfortunately I will be out of town.

The Details:
Mark Dawson will do the shooting. Mark is looking for a minimum of 5 people on Saturday with this setup:
Saturday (Tripod and GoPros)
Meeting time and place: 2:45p at 8th St Trailhead parking lot just East of Raible Ave.
8Th St (near Raible) Trailhead
Derby Downs (Madison Ave) Trailhead
Wetlands (Grand Ave) Trailhead
Blue Bridge (shot from bridge entrance & from atop 8th St bridge)
I know this is short notice. I think budgets, calendars, schedules collided and this is an attempt to get something before the weather turns. Please participate if you can. (Remember the great video Mark did for RNP? )

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