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Title: Bontrager/Duroc 50 29er Plus Wheelset with tires-$249
Post by: Fett on August 03, 2017, 04:05:17 PM
I am selling my lightly used 29plus wheel set. If you are running larger tires (2.4 or bigger) this is a great wheel set for you. Rims are 50mm wide Sun Durocs and also includes 3.0 Panaracer Fat B Nimble tires. The traction is amazing with these and they roll well on the trail. The hubs are Bontrager hubs and have Boost spacing (110mm in front and 148mm in back) they spin smoothly and have the SRAM XD driver on it, although a Shimano free hub body is readily available at any Trek dealer.

Here is a link with pics:  https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/bop/d/bontrager-duroc50-29er-plus/6245616786.html