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Title: Trails need to thaw and dry, please be patient
Post by: Paul_Arlinghaus on March 06, 2015, 04:21:33 PM
Looks like warmer temperatures are coming this weekend and next week.  But with snow cover on all our trails, it is going to take time for the trails to thaw and the dryout.  Please do not expect to ride off road this weekend or week, and next weekend is in doubt.

Our trail workers are just as anxious to ride as everyone, but when riders go out too soon in the spring our workers have to spend more time fixing trails than riding trails.  This makes the cranky.  Please don't make our volunteer trail builders cranky.

Often I hear comments like, "the trail was mostly dry"  In the spring this means that part of the trail was not dry and was very susceptible to damage.  A little patience this spring means more riding for everyone. 

Also, please come out for a spring tune up work session.  The more help we get the faster we can get the trails repaired and dried out for riding.