Storms Close Some Trails


This weekend’s storms have had some significant impacts on HMBA’s mountain bike trails.  The photo above is from Brown County State Park.  Straight line winds took down many trees through out the park.  Initial reports are of significant down fall on the trails.  Our local crews will be out throughout the week scouting and starting to clear the trails.  We will have work sessions this Saturday to try and reopen trails.  Please come out and help us.  We will have a morning (9:00AM) session and an afternoon (3:00PM) Session on Saturday, May 6th.  We will provide lunch at 2:00PM.  Meet at Hesitation Point.

As of now all mountain bike trails at Brown County State Park are closed.  We will try to have some trails open by Sunday.  There is a work session tonight.  Meet between 5:30 and 6:00PM at Hesitation Point.

Town Run Trail Park is also closed: The trails are currently flooded.  It will likely take a week for the water to recede and dry out for us to recover from the flood. In the mean time, we will be cutting back honeysuckle on higher ground on Tuesday and Thursday nights (May 2nd and 4th).

We are still waiting to hear back on other trail systems.  Please check before heading out to any trails this week or weekend. And the best way to get trails reopened faster, is to come out and help!

In addition to the HMBA Forums, here are some facebook Pages that will help you stay up to date on trail conditions and work sessions

Brown County Mountain Biking
Town Run Trail – Indianapolis
O’Bannon Woods Mountain Biking
Southwestway Park Trail Users

If you can’t make it out to help, please support our volunteers by donating to the HMBA Trail Fund

And please help us advocate for more trails by joining HMBA-IMBA

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