Next Level Trail Grant and Volunteer Work Sessions


We are excited to announce that the HMBA has been awarded $200,000 from Governor Holcomb’s Next Level Trails Grants Program. These funds will allow HMBA to complete the following trails: Weed Patch, Limekiln Return, and HP East and install better signage throughout Brown County State Park. HMBA has committed to provide $100,000 in matching funds as well as volunteer support for the trail projects. Construction for Weed Patch is already underway and will be open for this year’s Brown County Epic. Competition for the funding was tough. We were among 17 projects out of 82 applicants which were funded. 

This project will construct the Weedpatch, Limekiln Return, the HP East Trail. These are beginner and intermediate trails, which will provide connectivity for beginner and intermediate riders. 

Limekiln Return (2.5 Miles): The existing Limekiln trail is a beginner rated trail that starts at the Brown County State Park Campgrounds. It terminates at Walnut, which is an expert level trail. This forces beginner riders to ride Limekiln as an out and back trail. A complete Loop is more desirable. Limekiln Return would convert Limekiln from an out and back trail to a beginner loop. This trail would also connect the Park Office, Campgrounds, and Nature Center by trail. Additionally, upgrades will be made to the existing Limekiln trail, with a focus on ensuring the trail meets beginner trail standards. 

HP East (1.5 Miles): Prior to Hobbs Hollow being built, the HP trail was the only trail connecting the trails South of HP to the trails North of HP (without using the road).  The construction of HP East will create a loop that will help reduce the heavy 2-way traffic on HP West. HP East will have some elements of Flow trail that will encourage riders to use this trail to descend, thus reducing 2 way traffic on HP West.

Weed Patch (2.5 Miles): This trail will connect Limekiln to Hesitation Point. It will be rated as intermediate, with allows riders to connect Limekiln (Firetower) to HP without riding the expert level Walnut trail or the paved road. The section from Limekiln to Bobcat is currently under construction. 

Trail Head, Kiosk, and Signage: A New Kiosk will be installed at the HP trail Head and the new trail head on the South end of the Limekiln return trail. The Limekiln trail head will have a bike rack and picnic tables. Signage, including maps will be updated throughout the whole Brown County / Yellowwood Trail system.

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