Hobbs Hollow Flow Trail

Info and FAQ

Alex Stewart’s crew at Spectrum Trail Designs broke ground on the Hobbs Hollow Flow trail in December, 2016. This trail will provide a new and unique trail experience at Brown County State Park and will help maintain Brown County’s status as a National mountain bike destination. Alex and his crew will be working, as weather permits, through the winter and spring, and will complete the downhill section of the trail by July 2017. In late spring and early summer we will be holding volunteer work days to support the project. The project is funded through a $50,000 Indiana Tourism Destination Grant, which HMBA is matching with an additional $50,000. HMBA has already raised $26,000 and will be fund raising in 2017 to fully fund the project. Please help us by volunteering and donating to the HMBA Trail Fund.

The Hobbs Hollow Flow Trail will start at Hesitation Point. It will head west and descend for 1.5 miles (350 feet of elevation) down to the valley bottom. It will then climb back up and have another mile long descent (250 feet of elevation). The trail will climb back up and rejoin the trail system at the Aynes/Green Valley intersection.

The goal is to have a soft opening in July and then dial the trail in for the official grand opening at the 2017 Big Woods Brown County Epic (Oct 6th-8th).

Q and A

Q. Hobbs Hollow is a full on “Flow trail”! What’s Flow trail?
A. “Flow Trails take mountain bikers on a terrain-induced roller coaster experience, with little pedaling and braking necessary. This style of trail typically contains features like banked turns, rolling terrain, various types of jumps, and consistent and predictable surfaces. Conspicuously absent are abrupt corners or unforeseen obstacles. As a rider carves back and forth, and up and down, he or she develops a rhythm and flows down the trail.

Flow trails are what you make them: leisurely rides with your kids where beginners can roll over dirt features and bypass technical ones, or an exploration of skills and airtime for fast, talented riders who want to turn the trail into the ultimate playground.”

IMBA Flow Trail Description: https://www.imba.com/model-trails/flow-trails



Bomb Dog at Coldwater Mountain (Anniston, AL)

More Photos


Flow Feature built by Spectrum Trail Designs


Cuyuna Lakes Minnesota



“The Flow” Copper Harbor

Q. Isn’t Brown County already known for having Flow?
A. Yes, It’s hard to describe the current trails at Brown County without the word “Flow” being used. Each trail at Brown County flows in its own, often unique way. And there are many Flow Trail features spread throughout the current trail system. Green Valley comes the closest to a Flow Trail. But, it’s largest descent only uses 150 feet of elevation as it stacks banked turns, berms, and jumps back to back. Hobbs Hollow will use 350 feet of elevation with bigger flow features throughout the whole descent, and then do it again with 250 feet of elevation. This trail will take flow to another level.

Q. But I like technical old school single track?
A. So do we! Hobbs Hollow is just part of a much bigger long term plan for the Brown County area. In 2016 HMBA completed the narrow hand built Bob Cat Trail, worked with State Parks, State Forests, and Hoosier National Forest to connect these three trail systems, and opened the first two miles of the rough and rugged Crooked Creek Trail (Yellowwwood State Forest). We are committed to building a large and diverse trail system that has something for everyone. Those willing to expand outside their comfort zone will have a large system of diverse trails at their disposal. This will present the difficult decision of which trails to ride on any given day.

Q. What level of rider and what type of bike can ride Hobbs Hollow?
A. The great thing about Flow Trails is that they allow riders with a wide skill range to have a great trail experience. Intermediate riders may coast through the turns and roll over the berms, while more experienced riders will pedal and rail the turns while catching air over the berms. There will also be some optional features that allow rides to choose their own level of challenge. Because the trail can be ridden more or less aggressively, riders can ride cross country bikes. But, those wanting to catch air and ride the optional features, may want to ride a bigger travel bike. Remember that there is no shuttle at the bottom, so ride a bike that you can pedal back up to the top.

Q. If I wanted to ride a trail like this what are some flow trails near Indiana.
A. Well HMBA has already built a Flow Trial in Indiana. Breeden Ridge at O’Bannon Woods is a Flow Trail. The segment of Breeden Ridge heading East from the high point down to Potato Run is a good primer for the Hobbs Hollow Flow trail. Other trails within a day’s drive of Indiana are The Flow (Copper Harbor), and Bob dog (Coldwater).

Video of the Breeden Ridge Flow Trail at O’Bannon Woods State Park:



Q. Will this be a one way trail?
A. Yes (downhill only)

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