HMBA leaves IMBA

Starting on May 1st, the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association (HMBA) will be leaving the International Mountain Bike Association’s “IMBA Local Program”.
While the HMBA board sees the need for a National Mountain Bike Advocacy Organization, we feel that it is in HMBA’s best interested to be an Independent organization. HMBA used the information provided by Indiana mountain bikers from our HMBA membership survey (see results below) as well as feed back at last year’s annual meeting to make this decision.

The main function that IMBA has been providing has been processing of memberships and some membership benefits.

If you want to support IMBA’s National efforts or like the IMBA benefits, you can still join IMBA. There are several organizations in Indiana that are still affiliated with IMBA (EMBA, MINT, and NIMBA). You can also join as a National Supporter.

HMBA began investigating our own membership system several years ago. We are going to be using a platform from Salesforce, which has a strong presence in Indiana. We have a team of Salesforce employees who are mountain bikers and are supporting the membership system as volunteers.

This mean that your membership dollars will stay local.

In the HMBA membership process, we will ask you for your primary trail. This will allow us to allocate those funds to support your primary trail. We will also be rolling out a pilot program with the Tippecanoe Mountain Bike Association (TMBA). TMBA will be a chapter of the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association. If you select a trail supported by TMBA, you will be both a member of the HMBA and TMBA.


IMBA will no longer handle HMBA’s membership starting on April 30th, 2020. Note that you may get a communication from IMBA that your membership has been canceled.

All of your membership data will be transferred to the HMBA membership system. This includes information on your current membership. If you are currently an HMBA/IMBA member with an expiration date of Oct 10th, 2020, you will become an HMBA member with an expiration date of Oct 10th, 2020.

We are working to have HMBA’s system up and running early in May, and will send out another email with details on how to check your membership status and join the HMBA.

Paul Arlinghaus

President, Hoosier Mountain Bike Association.

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