The mission of The Hoosier Mountain Bike Association is to promote responsible mountain biking and work towards the goals of common land access, and natural resource protection, through local (Central Indiana) and statewide relationships and initiatives.


We create a powerful voice for trails, public land and policies that welcome mountain bikes in Indiana.


Trail Building

We have built over 100 miles of trails and maintain over 150 miles of mountain bike trails in Indiana.



We teach environmentally responsible trail building and trail etiquette practices.



We inspire more people to experience all that indiana has to offer on a bicycle.

Trail Guides

About Us

The Hoosier Mountain Bike Association(HMBA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization representing Central Indiana mountain bikers.  Founded in 2004, HMBA volunteers contribute more than 4000 volunteer hours annually and have built more than 100 miles of natural surface sustainable trails for mountain bikers.

HMBA is committed to advocating on behalf of Indiana mountain bikers, maintaining and building natural surface trails, educating trail users on responsible trail use and etiquette, and working with local and statewide land managers to protect the places we love to play and ride.   We also are a pretty fun group of individuals that want to share the joy of mountain biking to all ages.

HMBA is a volunteer/member driven organization dedicated to building and maintaining sustainable purpose built trails in Central Indiana.  With 500+ members, HMBA is one of the largest mountain bike user groups in the Great Lakes Region.  Our volunteer board of directors and advisors keep the wheels pointed uphill.  To fund our trail building/maintenance efforts we rely on generous donors, fundraising events, membership, and grant writing.