HMBA 2014 Annual Meeting

HMBA 2014 Annual Meeting: Saturday, February 8th 2014 at the Abe Martin Lodge (BCSP)

Ever wonder what it takes to get approval to build a mountain bike trail on Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) properties?
Do you have a State Park or State Forest in your local area and want to know if the IDNR is open to having MTB trails?
Are you interested in knowing what new trails are currently being planned on IDNR property?
Do you have questions about the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association’s involvement with all IDNR properties?
Would you like to understand the role of the IMBA Region in Indiana and how it will help local organizations develop trails on IDNR properties?
Or any other questions about developing mountain bike trails in Indiana?
Here is your chance. On February 8th, 1:00PM at the Abe Martin Lodge, HMBA-IMBA will be hosting a round table discussion. Panel Members will include Dan Bortner, Director of Indiana State Parks; John Seifert, Director of Indiana State Forests; Alex Stewart, Spectrum Trail Designs; Andy Williamson, Great Lakes Region Director (IMBA); and Paul Arlinghaus, President of the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association.
There will be a short presentation and then we will open up for Q&A.
The HMBA annual meeting will follow at 6:00PM.


  • Friday (Feb 7th):
    • 7:00PM Night Ride at BCSP:
      • Trails if the ground is dry or frozen otherwise, mtbs on the road.
      • Meet at the North Gate Parking Lot
  • Saturday (Feb 8th):
    • 9:00AM Trail Ride at BCSP:
      • Trails if the ground is dry or frozen otherwise, mtbs on the road
      • Meet at the Abe Martin Lodge
    • 1:00PM Indiana Trail Summit
      • Round Table discussion with State Parks and State Forests
      • Discussions will cover
        • HMBA project update for DNR properties.
        • DNR wish list for mtb trails
        • Opportunity for mountain bikers to express interest and discuss mtb opportunities on DNR properties.
    • 6:00PM HMBA Annual Meeting
      • Abe Martin Lodge
  • Sunday (Feb 9th)
    • 9:00AM Trail Ride
      • Yellowwood MTB Ride
        • GirlScout Camp (Camp Belzer)

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