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AC Tallboy:
You don't need to carry this with you but chain lube is pretty important in my book. If you're somewhere riding laps its always nice to make a stop by the car to silence a dry chain.

I have a small tackle box/parts bin I keep in my truck with some necessary tools, parts, supplies. The contents everyone has pretty much mentioned above.

I always keep a derailleur cable and some some spare housing in my race toolbox.  Some other good ideas in here already. I used to carry tire plugs for running tubeless. I had so-so luck with them and have kind of given up on that habit.

My favorite tool, 'though not an A-List Essential" is a derailleur hanger alignment tool.  A tweaked der hanger will cause no end of shifting maladies.

gt ss:
all this derailleur talk makes me miss mine......not really ::)

I keep a fairly loaded saddle pack that includes
- couple of zip ties
- spoke wrench
- spare tube (even when running tubeless, good for when in a pinch)
- chain link
- spare brake cable (not needed if running hydraulics... I run mechanicals)
- spare derailluer cable
- CO2 tire inflator with 2-3 C02 cartridges
- take a tip from Red Green and have  1-2 feet of the "Handy Man's Secret Weapon - Duct Tape" wrapped around one or two of the C02 catridges
- one of the "Y" wrenches that has the 3 main sizes of allen wrench on it
- small chain tool


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