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super skinny video from canada

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anybody see the video of the 3 germans riding the super skinny in canada with crazy exposure?...just looked for it on youtube and couldn't find it...a link or a title to search for would be great...i think it may have been in vancouver, but not sure...

Ed Strobel:
I will look for something to match your description.
There was a trail with high skinnies of about 19 feet, but don't recall where right now. Maybe Langley City.
The stuff Dan Cowan builds sounds like it moved to Vancouver Island now. He built a lot of stuff that was high up, if that is what you mean by exposure.
The Rediculator, Whatchamacallit, and Dicombobulator (spelling aside) were some of his trail names. Called it the Circus.


it was a cliffside trail with a nice river to the right for most of the vid...nothing hand-built...

Ed Strobel:
OK, I saw that one a month or two back in a thread on


were u been????


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