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IMBA Great Lakes Region Director Signing On


IMBA Great Lakes:
January 14th, 2012
Dear Hoosier Mountain Bike Association,
My name is Andy Williamson and I'm both excited and honored to introduce myself as your Great Lakes Region Director for the International Mountain Bicycling Association. The Great Lakes RD position is one of two new positions created and means that IMBA now has professional staff deployed in seven distinct U.S. territories. Myself and Patrick Kell, the new Southwest Region Director join peers in the Mid-Atlantic, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Southeast and the Upper Midwest regions. More information about the program can be found in Mike Van Abel's recent blog post.
As Region Director, I'm responsible for supporting Michigan (Lower), Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky and my goal is to support the coordination of local and regional advocacy efforts, be a resource for local training and leadership development, support the facilitation of trail projects, seek out creative opportunities for funding, and participate in helping in any way I can to bringing your local and state wide events to the next level.  Together, we can increase access and bring more people to the ride!
Our region is blessed with a wealth of amazing trails, organizations and opportunities.  I look forward to working with you, supporting you, and learning from you, just as I hope you do with me.  I truly believe my background as an outdoor professional, advocate, and land manager provide me with a unique perspective and the ability to cater any proposal, plan, or project to the situation at hand. I also am very excited to just get out and ride with you all, hear your stories, witness your hard work, and figure out where I can help make an impact.   
While it may take few months for me to make it across the region I wanted to make you all aware of a great opportunity to not only meet me but take part in a great discussion, participate in an amazing outdoor event, and listen to Gary Fisher talk about the evolution of our sport and what he foresees in the future.  The Great Lakes Mountain Biking Roundtable, part of the Adventure Summit, will be held on February 10-11 in Dayton, Ohio.  This event is one of the premiere outdoor expositions in the region and mountain biking is one of the key focuses.  Gary Fisher is the keynote speaker, which will be on Friday Night followed by the IMBA After Party where we can all have a few beverages with Gary and share some great tales. Great Lakes, Great Trails, sponsored by Trek Store Cincinnati and the Great Lakes Roundtable will be held on Saturday morning following a catered breakfast (pre-registration required).  In addition to Gary Fisher, Mike Van Abel, the Executive Director of IMBA, State Club Presidents and Board Members, Retailers and Manufacturers will be present to discuss how the can support local clubs in developing a more collaborative future for mountain biking in our region. More information about the event can be found at
In the meantime please feel free to contact me.  I will be out of the office getting settled in with IMBA till the end of January but hope to make it the MMBA Annual Meeting and hope to see you all at the Great Lakes Mountain Biking Roundtable.
Ride Well,
Andy Williamson
Great Lakes Region Director
International Mountain Bicycling Association
(937)247-IMBA (4622)


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