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My lady is getting her (first) roadbike on Thursday, and we wanted to go on a weekend trip to celebrate our anniversary this weekend.  My thinking is to toss bikes on a car and find a hotel/b&B (or even camping) and take a couple 30-50 mile rides SAT & SUN starting from the same point.  I was hoping for something good scenic stuff, good roads, little traffic...etc. within a 4-5 hour drive from Columbus/Indy area.  Riding the Hilly route came to mind, but I want to head out further away from home and being it's her first time on a decent ride, I'm not sure how much fun she'd have on the hills.  I'm thinking of rolling hills, maybe around southern indiana, northern KY areas.

So, I was hoping someone would have taken a similar trip, been in an area or have a better suggestion on how to search?  I've been looking through mapmyride, etc, but some first hand experiences would be awesome.


Traci's HIFI29:
there are some wonderful places in the southern Indiana area for riding, that throws in the hills, the flats, etc......We ride a lot around Jasper(when were not riding on the trails) but also do a search for the Southern Indiana Wheelman.....they are around the Madison area, and they post the maps as well on there site. If you are interested in the Jasper area, give either REM bike shop(Paul) or Adventures Recreation (Phil) a call in Jasper to see about maps, etc....
Hope she enjoys her new ride.....have fun


I agree with HIFI about great riding in the Jasper area (Dubois County) and the Clarksville area.  I would also include Perry County and Spencer County.  You might contact Connie Szabo Schmucker at BGI.  She may have the routes from when IBC ran the Bikefest in the area for several years.  Or contact Bob Ramsbottom (BCI member)for maps for Perry County from the fall Perry County rides; one of the best rides in Indiana.  Be aware; the hills down here can be as challenging as the ones on the Hilly Hundred.

Take a look at western Indiana, covered bridge territory, there are some routes laid out to visit covered bridges in Parke county, it is not real hilly and some of the routes are really beautiful.  There are also some really nice B&B's in the area.

it's a little further away,  but michigan has some great bike routes. grand rapids to kalamazoo all on well marked bike paths or road routes.  plus it's cooler and less humid up there in general, and there is plenty to see and do when not riding.


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